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Each event of your life is created with the divine intention....

Updated: Jan 2

Buddha says;

'Anxiety starts when we start to control what's uncontrollable.'

Anxiety or worries and all of your sorrows starts when you reject the objective reality, instead you choose to blame others, govt, and everyone else and yourself. You don't take control of what's in your hand, you stay busy hosting your pity party, you invite all people to your pity party, thereby you are also spreading sadness, making them unhappy as well.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't seek help or share your issues with others. Once you get the necessary tips or suggestions from your counselor or therapist, you need to try accepting yourself and move on.

Take control of controllables, live with the rest.

It's not easy, it takes time, but you need to keep on banging, then you'll become alright. We see our clients taking some to accept the reality, initially they share the same issues. Some are so obsessed with sharing the same problems, we understand all these human thought programming.

Life basically has 2 factors: Controllable & Uncontrollable. Our past and future are uncontrollable. Past is absolutely uncontrollable, but future gets influenced by what we do 'Now'.

In support of this, Sir Thomas Carlyle said.

"Our business here is to do what lies clearly at hand, not that's dimly visible at a distance."

To take control of your life, first we need to stop blackmailing our present, we need to forgive ourselves and others, most importantly our past. Take control of this moment! This shapes your future aka destiny!

You need to forgive past but remember the lessons. You need to improve upon your mistakes and flaws, this ensures success! This only can ensure health and wellness.

Hope this inspires you! Thank you so much! #Anxiety #control #life #past #future #now #remember #mistakes #forgive #lessons #future

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