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Unlocking the Mindset: The Psychology and Skills of Wealthy Individuals | #psychology #wealth


After reading Think & Grow Rich and other bunch of books explaining the mindset of the rich, you realize RICHNESS or POVERTY starts with thinking in the BATTLEFIELD of MIND.

Wealthy people think differently than the middle class or poor people. We are not discussing about IQ or anything as such. 99% of the wealth is controlled by 1%, arguably 2% of the people. Considering the statistics, the 2% or the minority are doing somethings, that are radically different from the majority.

In support of this,

"Wise thinking leads to right living; stupid thinking leads to wrong living." - John C. Maxwell


"Thought is the womb of every action." - Buddha

Getting wealthy starts with thinking. Wealthy people think differently, perceive differently, believe in their vision, dreams and ideas. They work hard as well as smart.

"FAITH is the head chemist of the mind. When FAITH is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence, as in the case of prayer." - Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Whether the world believes in your idea or not, whether your girlfriend or wife or parents believe in your idea, business or not, you must believe in yourself, ideas and business.


Wealthy people possess abundant mindset! They don't have a cynical mind, which spots errors in everyone & everything. They are inherently, service minded. If you are stingy to help people, how can your business grow or why should people help you, to grow your business. Rich don't sweat the small stuffs. They understand that if you don't pay for the tickets, how can you win the raffle!


Wealthy people are futuristic! They are strategic thinkers; they possess a strategic mindset. Wealthy people are opportunists, they possess the vision to spot an opportunity and get wealthy. Wealthy people are experts in taking advantage of adversity.

Consider any legendary investor, they get wealthy by the investments, made during the slump times. We maybe in a recession now, wealthy people predict the recession, they revalue their portfolio, divest the investments, that will get affected by economic slump, they liquidate. Before the slump times, they make sure that they have enough money or liquidity to make profitable investments. The investments during these times, make them billions in the near future.


Working hard is inevitable; what matters is the direction! There's always a way to ease, simplify tasks that are considered to be hard & complex.

“Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss. After a while, you stop staring, but the glass chewing never ends”. -Elon Musk

Wealthy people are disciplined, they are consistently consistent. Grant Cardone's key to success is - "Show-up every day and never quit!"

Wealthy people value their words, commitment, more than anything else in the world. If you don't value your words, then why should people value you or your business. You are a vector! Your value is derived from the value added to the society.


Wealthy people are obsessed about winning, making money and getting wealthy. Grant Cardone says -

"The only way you can show up every day and never quit is to be OBSESSED!"

When you can't think beyond your business, when you think you can't live without doing business or without making money, then you will be disciplined and consistent. Action becomes automatic! You keep working for the whole day! You achieve more in less time than others.


Wealthy people are expert decision makers; they manage their resources very well. They are excellent people managers. They manage time, resources and projects, well.

Wealthy people are calculated risk takers. They analyze & assess the risk well. They are self-aware! They are confident! This confidence is a byproduct of hardworking nature and integrity.

Wealthy people possess great level of resilience and are strong willed. They are positive thinkers, which makes them see light, even during the dark times. They are stubborn bastards. But the catch is, they allow a certain level of leniency, in certain areas.

For example, they are ready to compromise on certain things, but they can't compromise on the entire project.

Wealthy people are excellent marketers. They are excellent diplomats; they negotiate and possess excellent closing skills (deal closing). Wealthy people are tech savvy, they are innately curious and are intuitive learners. Steve Jobs was an intuitive learner, he possessed inter-disciplinary knowledge and skills. Wealthy people, generally, are the jacks of all trades. They are willing to learn, invest in education.

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The key to richness is simple! Just add massive value to the society and change the lives of people. Dan Pena, the billionaire mentor quotes -

"If you change the lives of a million people, you become a millionaire; if you change the lives of a billion people, you become a billionaire." - Dan Pena

Wealthy people understand that the money earned from their business is the excess of value that they have added to the society.

Being poverty or wealthy starts with thinking, it has got nothing to do with your current state. You maybe broke now, but still, you could be possessing a wealthy abundant mindset. As rightly stated in "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" -"Broke is TEMPORARY; POVERTY is ETERNAL." If you work on your projects, this mindset can make you elite! You need to be persistent, consistent, and strategic in your efforts. It's not an easy game to build a business and get wealthy.

"Life is all about being rich in heart, which gets manifested into the physical reality! Happiness is the highest level of success!!"

Hope this inspires you!

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