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The Psychology & Genetics of Mediocrity. | #human #psychology #mediocrity #rich #successful

Updated: Jun 25

Most are trapped by MEDIOCRITY & COMPLACENCY. They lead a normal or the life of mediocrity. Our society in a way, encourages everyone to be trapped by dogma, it advises everyone to go slow, get a degree, do 9 to 5 job, date a woman, get married, have kids, take loans, buy home & purchase a care. Don't take risks! go smooth! Save money, don't spend much. And ultimately, be happy with what you have.

With this level of conditioning, most people at the end of life are left with hefty debts with little or no assets. Their kids will be cursing them, even after their time.

Shoot for the moon; if you miss you will land amongst stars. - Steve Maraboli

The reason why 'rich get richer & poor become poorer' can be analyzed & categorized into 2 aspects - mindset & genetics.

"If you want to have a fulfilled life, you need to fill your mind correctly!" - John C. Maxwell

Successful or rich think differently than unsuccessful or poor. They have an altogether perspective toward the world we live in. They have a wide perspective that's beyond the horizon of mediocre people. How they get this wider perspective is through their constant continual learning. They learn through various means like podcasts, courses and from their own experiences. They have an open mind to new things, which is the resultant of the wisdom acquired over the years. They have the mindset of growth; they keep growing and expanding their knowledge base and contacts. This doesn't mean they don't have hardships or challenges. In the process of achieving goals, sometimes they lose everything. Again, they rise up like the phoenix.

The successful or the rich are patient & possess high conviction towards their goals & visions. The ability to stay focused and never give up, plays a pivotal role in their success or wealth. It comes with sacrifices! They are ready to sacrifice anything or lose almost everything for their goals. These people are practical dreamers, they are highly disciplined & excellent time managers. Most are passionately obsessed about their domain. They take extreme accountability for their actions. Successful or the rich make life happen for them, by modifying & molding themselves, as per the demands of the situations.

The world requires pragmatic dreamers, individuals with the vision to improve our planet as a place to live; not leaders who are content with making excuses.

They may sometimes not have a family or broken relationships; they don't care! They direct & redirect every cell, every aspect for the vision. They feel their very existence is useless without the vision or finishing missions. It's rare to find such people.

99% of the wealth in the world is controlled by just 1%, arguably 2% of the population.

If you study the stats, billionaires are less in no than millionaires. Majority of the people are not millionaires, they fall in the mediocre category.

Mediocre people are more in no. Poor are nothing but the degraded version of mediocre people. If you practice enough mediocrity for longer periods, there are more chances you will become poor and if you continue you will become dirt poor.

Poverty is nothing but the degraded version of mediocrity.

Mediocre exhibit all contrary characteristics or possess the exactly opposite of the rich or successful people. They don't think, but judge most of times. They have a limited & narrow perspective towards the world. They are just blind followers of some leader, they aren't aware about the consequences, if he misguides them. They are reluctant to learn new, they possess a closed mindset, they brag themselves orthodox. They don't simulate anything, whenever there's crisis, all they do is blame the govt, system & their parents. They have zero accountability for their actions. They live a fixed, rigid life with no much opportunities. By chance if they are able to get, most likely they won't utilize the opportunity. They are pretty lethargic and undisciplined. You can see their 'who gives a f*ck' expression about almost everything. They let the life happen to them. Normally, they are into damage control mode, after letting the damage to happen. They have fixed rigid mindset, which makes their life brittle like a glass, unsure about everything.

If you read books like Rich Dad & Poor Dad, Think & Grow Rich you will realize wealth or poverty resides in your mindset. Robert T. Kiyosaki says 'Rich can become broke; but they are never poor! Poverty is in your mindset.' There's difference between being broke & being poor. Broke is temporary; poor is eternal!! This could be the reason, why poverty isn't eradicated from the globe. Despite so much of scientific advancement, wealth getting accumulated by people, poverty & malnutrition still remains a global problem. Nearly 40 million people die due to malnutrition & poverty.

Unfortunately, certain political ideologies like communism brag 'rich as evil & poor as divine', but the rich politicians became rich. Still poverty isn't eradicated from the globe. Politicians snatch the wealth of the rich, give a discrete portion of that to the poor, they retain and enjoy most of the wealth. In almost every country, there's a mention of poverty iin eachelection manifesto; but why hasn't poverty been eradicated yet? Think about it & please share your thoughts in the comments.

Don't aspire to make a living; aspire to make a difference. - Denzel Washington
Life can't just be about solving personal & professional problems; you need to have a bigger vision that excites you and solves the problems of the world.

This is all about the psychology of Rich & Successful vs Poor & Unsuccessful.

The Genetics component of Mediocrity & Criminals.

Genetic scientists say the way you think, behave or your bodily as well as personality traits are partially inherited from your ancestors.

Very recently, there's been advances in the field of genetics & economics. Now they have a branch in economics called 'geno-economics'. Geno-economics is based on the idea that economic indicators have a genetic basis — that a person's financial behavior can be traced to their DNA and that genes are related to economic behavior. This is all into the study of how genetics have an effect on the behavior of consumers. Great lot of efforts are put in, to integrate this into consumer behavior & behavioral economics.

As per the research paper submitted by Daniel Barth, Center for Economic and Social Research at the University of Southern California, Nicholas Papageorge of Johns Hopkins University, and Kevin Thom of New York University, your DNA may partly predict your ability to make smart financial decisions and thus, accumulate wealth over your lifetime. These research scholars took samples from 4,400 Americans from the Health and Retirement Study, it's a longitudinal panel study that studied Americans over age 50 and their spouses.

The researchers used what’s known as a “polygenic score,” an index developed by behavioral geneticists that tied 74 specific genetic markers to educational attainment. The index is supposed to rate the quality of a person’s genes. Individuals with higher scores tend to be wealthier than individuals with lower scores.

Next, the researchers controlled the other variables that could predict whether or not a person becomes wealthy, which, for example, could be their level of education, their parents’ education, earnings, and inheritance. While all of these factors do play a role in influencing individual's wealth, they alone were not enough to account for differences in wealth.

People with low genetic scores exhibited different behaviors than people with high scores. For example, those with low scores were more likely to report extreme beliefs about the economy, including the likelihood of stock market boom or a severe recession. They were also less likely to invest in the stock market and accumulate wealth through those means. One should understand that having radical beliefs like 'rich are evil; poor are divine!' these have roots to communism & socialism. Communism discourages people to work hard, and be believes in equal distribution of wealth amongst the masses.

The paper was built on the earlier work by researchers Henrik Cronqvist and Stephan Siegel, who used Swedish data on twins to show how genetics affected savings behavior. Identical twins, who have the same genes, were more similar in their savings behavior than fraternal twins. They concluded that genetic differences could explain about 33% of variations in savings behaviors.

The same researchers found a connection between genes and smoking, and obesity, suggesting that perhaps more broadly, our genes can also predict self-control.

Intelligence, as measured by IQ tests, can be improved through education. Your genes are fixed at birth, but they don't remain the same. The expression of genes can be influenced by external factors. In other words, the exact same genes can do different things in different environments or may undergo mutations.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to note that the latest gene-economic research has focused mainly on whites and does not account for factors like race or ethnicity. Thus, this study can say nothing about how genes may or may not predict wealth for African Americans or Asian Americans.

Finally, the research also looks a grouping of genes, not single genetic markers. In other words, economists haven’t yet pinned down a single “rich gene.” So, the results are inconclusive.

Long ago the forensic experts used to tell - 'Criminals aren't made; they are born (with genes).' So, a person with crime genes just needs a situation to conjure up the inner criminal, hidden deep beneath his genes. The result again is still inconclusive. It was proved that the son of criminal is necessarily not a criminal, the gene that's responsible to do crimes, may have got mutated in the course of time, with the effort of the person. Again, it's highly unpredictable. No psychologist or a genetic scientist can accurately predict the behavior of a human.

Now let's try to understand why genetic research have produced inconclusive results or why human behavior is highly unpredictable.

Radical changes happen with the people's behavior within a certain time span, it can be short or longer periods. But again how the person takes that situation matters, the environment he lives in, the conditioning or the influence of his parents or loved ones or even his foes or competitors. Events like break-up/divorce or the death of loved ones or the last wish of the loved ones tremendously affects a person's personality and that may cause gene mutation, if he owes to that ideal/norm, practices it for decades together.

Say a person is born to a convicted criminal. His father went to prison at his young age. His mother was highly disturbed and conditioned him that how horrific is a criminal or how worse it's to be the son of a criminal. This person can take it into heart, if he strongly accepts that he must not become a criminal, he should lead a life of honesty & peace, and he practices it till his death, then certainly the genetic codes that were responsible for crime will undergo mutation and would be passed on to his next generation. One chance is- it may have not mutated (or characteristic isn't exhibited fully) and might have passed on to his 2nd generation from the grandfather, why? The reasons are explained in the next section. This is applicable to 'poverty' or 'wealthy' genes as well.

How psychology affects your DNA or How can you modify your personality and pass on those great characteristics to your next generation.

There are/can be modifications in your genetic codes, because of your intentional continual efforts to change your behavior & personality. Remember, this has to be for decades.

If you practice a habit, notion, or a behavior consciously or unconsciously, it becomes a part of personality & self-image in the Subconscious Mind & then it became a part of your DNA or GENETIC MUTATION.

You need to train your subconscious mind for continual periods & practice what you want, to modify your genetic sequence.

Billion cells of sperm cells(male) try to form zygote with egg cells (female) while mating, to cross XX (female) & XY (male) chromosomes. But only one cell is allowed to form the zygote. This cell actually represents all the characteristics of the unborn child.

It's this cell that decides all the traits like facial features, height, hair color, skin color so on of the yet-to-be born child. If the other egg or sperm cell is allowed to form the zygote, the characteristics of the yet-to-be born child could be entirely different. This is the reason a gene that's responsible for wealthy behavior or crime, may not have got transferred to the next offspring or may have or may not fully mutated to exhibit the characteristics or may get passed on to the next generation & that offspring may exhibit the characteristic.

Human behavior is highly unpredictable & human mind is basically, unstable; but what you can't deny is your mind is highly powerful. Psychology or Genetics may try to explain this behavior but largely they are unsuccessful. But one thing is certain, if you decide & crave for something so badly, you will get it. If you really are so disappointed with your poor mentality and you crave to be rich & successful, you will practice it. You will most likely pass that on to your offspring as well.

"Unleash the power of mind, to unleash the power of you!!"

We have created posts on how to train your subconscious mind and also on how meditation influences the effectiveness of your subconscious mind. Meditation esp. conjures up the real you, rectifies the not so helpful characteristics and keeps the characteristics required to face the world & achieve missions and ultimately, the vision. We request you to read it.

Please share your thoughts in the form of comments. Please like & subscribe to our site.

Hope this inspires you!


On behalf of Get Inspired Spiritually.

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