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IF YE HAVE MONEY, NOTHING SHALL BE A HINDRANCE ...#money #buddhism #buddha #utility #power #life

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

"In this world, if ye have money, nothing shall be a hindrance to you."

This is a half-truth & is applicable as long as you are alive. It's very subjective! Money can definitely solve many problems, agreed, but money can't solve all problems.

You can purchase medicines but not health. You can postpone death but can't prevent it for long. You can purchase bed, but you can't buy sleep. You can hire someone to earn money for you, but you can't hire someone to enjoy or suffer on behalf of you.  Money can create positive experiences for you but can't induce positivity for you. You alone can do it.

Money is a vector; it doesn't inherently have any value. It's valuable only if it can be used. There are a number of subjective factors, which affects the utility of money.

Ultimately, none of the materialistic stuffs remain with you. Everything will get faded away with DEATH. This life is a bubble on the flowing water, it'll definitely explode, when we don't know. You'll be left with just memories & karmas. DEATH is a great change agent. All your money, all your worldly accomplishments will find an end. You will be given a new bodily identity, or you reincarnate.

Steve Jobs quoted -

A BILLIONAIRE or a BEGGAR will reach the same place in the end!! 

Money is not everything, it's just a part of your life. So earn money but don't forget to be happy and give love to your loved ones. Treasure love for your family! Love for your friends! and most importantly for you! 

Money is neither EVIL nor it's DIVINE, different religions & philosophies have interpreted in different ways. Soon we will be posting an article titled MONEY & SPIRITUALITY. We'll be explaining the spiritual aspects of money, so please like, comment, share & subscribe to our site!

We end this article with this quote -

"We become successful by what we get, we become happy by what we give." - Buddha 

Thank you so much for reading!!


On behalf of Get Inspired Spiritually.


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