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Tackle ANXIETY & WORRYING!! #tackle #anxiety #worrying #techniques #mentalhealth

Let's talk about anxiety and worrying. Let's also learn, how to tackle these two popular maladies.

What is Anxiety?

Basically, anxiety is an overthinking state of mind, where your mind will be focused on the future, where in your mind will be recreating it and you will be overthinking or over-analyzing about the future. We can clearly say that anxiety is about future.

It's a very common state of mind. It's not actually a mental health disease or any sort of a thing, as people perceive it or overwhelmed by it. Every person has got anxiety. As per psychology, a little bit of anxiety is good because it actually makes you work on the things that you have been always postponing or procrastinating for longer periods.

But the problem starts, when you overly focus on the anxiety thoughts. As we excessively focus on the future event or over-magnify the aspect of that future event, whether it happens or not, but for sure, it paralyzes your action. This is actually the problem that we need to tackle.

What is Worrying?

Worrying is a state of mind, where you your mind will be thinking about the past event. Most of times, it is all about a very undesirable event, which your mind believes it shouldn't have happened and mind will be clinging onto it. You are not able to move from or digest the fact or you are bothered about the future consequences of that undesirable event. The thought process of the worrying will be like this - "Oh! This happened! That's bad! What's going to happen, as a result of this?"

Fundamentally, worrying is about the past. Alike anxiety, worrying cripples your action, as the thought get intense, at certain times.

How to tackle Worrying & Anxiety?

Fundamentally, you aren't able to act or not able to think straight, either in worrying or anxious states of mind due to overthinking, you are overwhelmed with negative emotions. You should understand that the past is gone & dead, future is still unborn, but the present is current and it's passing or in the process of becoming the past in the future.

Before we move on, let's understand the very nature of common mind. In the book titled- Monkey mind and Memoir for Anxiety, the author Daniel Smith, says that your mind is like a monkey. Your mind is designed in such a way that it can't. stay in this moment and embrace this moment and enjoy this moment.

So thinking is the very basic nature of mind, that differentiates a human from an animal. Your mind either will be thinking about the past, either you will be reminiscing on it or will be worrying about it or you will be focused on the future. You will be speculating about the future - 'Oh, this is going to happen, or this can't happen' so on, that's the very nature of mind. It is a monkey jumping from the past to the present or from the present to the future. The monkey couldn't stay in the present for long.

Stoic philosophy has made a great contribution to tackle worrying & anxieties, apart from living life, as a whole. As per the book- 'Meditations', compiled by Marcus Aurelius Antonious, life consists of controllable factors & uncontrollable factors.

An old church prayer says -

"Give us the Lord our daily bread. Give us the strength to control the things that are controllable, give us the courage & strength to accept & live with the things, that are uncontrollable."

You can analyze any situation in terms of 2 factors - controllable & uncontrollable. The motto is to control the controllable, accept & live with the rest. However, due to anxiety and worrying we fail to take action or control what's controllable.

You can take any situation or any problem or any person, he has a choice to either whine, blame or try to change something about the situation or problem or life. This is very important in tackling worrying and anxiety.

You will be thinking about the future that's completely uncontrollable.

Your ability to stay in the moment & live life in moment tight compartments is the solution to anxiety or worrying.

No matter what you think about the future or past, no matter how much we think about doing something, beyond a certain level, it's not going to change anything. It simply drains off the energy & we are simply screwing ourselves.

Life is in this moment! If you don't know how to enjoy this, how come you can enjoy anything or any moment. Life is sojourn!!

To be frank, we have acute shortage of time! While I'm writing now. My hairs are actually getting greyed. I don't know, whether I will be alive tomorrow or the very next hour. I don't know how long I will be living here. Life is nothing but a bubble on water, it will explode, but when no one knows when.

Anxiety or worrying is all about thinking. We have acute shortage of time. We don't have time to think or waste the energy on these things. And also thinking is not a replacement to your action. Your life is going to change. only if you act on the things, not by simply just thinking about the things, it's not going to change anything. Just by thinking or feeling anxious of worrying, you will be losing your time, energy, and your piece of mind. There is no replacement to actions. That's why we consider thinking as the SUBJECTIVE REALITY. So, all these anxieties or worrying is created virtually by us and it's a part of subjective reality.

But what is objective reality? All that's objective or doesn't have subjective aspects is called OBJECTIVE REALITY. What you are now your experience work, your job, your family, or anything are all the objective reality.

Anything that we have control over, or we can create something virtually like perceive or judge is subjective reality.

What do we have absolute control in our life? It is this moment. We can't control anything beyond this moment. If we can't control this moment, we are actually letting the life to happen, we are failing to create life. The goal is to mold, modify this moment or life & let the life happen for us instead of to us.

The hack to tackle Anxiety & Worrying instantly -

You might have heard about this popular cliche. Personally, I use these two cliches - CARPE DIEM & AMOR FATI.


CARPE DIEM says that forget the past (don't forget the lessons) & don't be anxious about the future but get the best out of this moment. Accept yourself as you are, accept the life as it's, as previously mentioned. Life is in this moment, not in tomorrow, not the very next second or not in the previous second, not even yesterday. Life is in the now or the present moment. Now, you need to embrace this moment, and you need to get the best out of this moment. This ensures life transformation.

What is AMOR FATI?

This is a thought provoking saying by Austrian philosopher Nietzsche. Nietzsche says, 'love what's been written in your fate.' Now coming to the anxiety or worrying aspect, you have to believe in something and love what's been written in your fate. After putting all the efforts or trying to change whatever that's under your prudence, you don't have a choice than to accept & embrace what's been written in your fate.

As rightly stated by Steve Jobs -

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

You can't live without believing in anything. Belief is the foundation of the your very existence. So whenever you feel anxious or if you are worrying about certain things, you remember these two popular clichés. So after all the fighting or efforts, love what's written your fate. You need to believe that everything will be OK in the end. It's quite true!

You need to believe in your dreams, you need to believe in your goodness. Each one of us has different portions of goodness. You need to remind yourself about those beliefs. You need to reflect back on those values and beliefs what you stand for.

Remember, If you don't stand for something, obviously you will be standing for anything. And eventually you will fall for anything. Be determined & committed to your dreams! Achieve big!!

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Thank you so much!!


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