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Cognitive Error, Emotions, Emotioal Distortions & Reality #reality #distorted #cognition #perception

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Cognitive error (bias) is basically a distorted perception of the reality. It's a faulty assessment of the reality. This includes excessive focusing on either the positives or negatives of life, situation, person or anything. Cognitive error (bias) deludes your perspective, and makes you stay away from the ground reality.

Ex.- If you are experiencing intense negative emotions, immediately you say; 'It's over! I'm all f*cked up!' or 'I'm dead.!"

That's why clinical psychologists advice you to not to take any decision in extreme distress or not to promise anything when you are very happy.

You don't see the world as it's; you see the world, as you are!!

What's the root of cognitive distortion or error?

Humans are emotional creatures. You are emotionally connected to everything & everyone in some way or the other. Whether we like it or not, the connection is real. This is the root of Cognitive Error!

The solution is to mindfully detach yourself from everyone & everything. Understand that all things are perishable, and no one will stay with you forever. Remember this always!

This will assist you to see things as they and assists you in rational decision making. Apart from this techniques of emotional intelligence and meta-cognitive techniques assist you on this. We have shared these articles in the related section, we request you to please read it.

Love at first sight is normally an infatuation towards the other person. This can lead to cognitive errors. As per the recent research, romantic love produces the effect of consuming cocaine. That's why people feel extremely passionate about romantic love, esp. young people.

Infatuation or romantic love or any intense emotions deludes your view & keeps you away from the ground reality or makes you dwell in that LaLa fantasy land.

Please don't take make decisions when you are experiencing intense emotions!

Hope this inspires you!

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