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The Psychology of Problems, Depression, Idleness & Motivation.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

You can't tolerate 'vaccum' in life, we get bored. So, you create some or the other problems by changing your attitude towards life. This has been experienced by me personally. Problems motivate anyone!!

If you observe the trend in people suffering from depression, they feel sad when they are 'free' or with no work. You should understand that depression is not a disease but a syndrome. It's not like cold or fever, but it's something that is very subjective to individual and can be understood through analyzing the symptoms, as explained by the patient.

There's difference between SADNESS & DEPRESSION.

SADNESS can be momentary or for a short period of time. DEPRESSION is nothing but continual extreme sadness over longer periods of time.

Your DEPRESSION to be qualified as CLINICAL DEPRESSION, it must last long for more than 2-weeks.

Most patients suffering from chronic depression won't engage themselves busily. They want to stay free with no formal work. This is also the reason for their sadness. Idleness allows the free flow of thoughts including sad thoughts. They enjoy the pleasure of feeling sad or what you call 'melancholic ecstasy'.

Medical professionals explain variety of reasons for the cause of depression like hormonal imbalances, genetics or change of environment or high stress levels. Hormones like Dopamine & Serotonin are responsible for various vital functions like mood, motivation, cognitive abilities or self-confidence so on.

Without going much deeper unto it, let's analyze the basic cause of sadness or depression.

Sadness or Happiness are basically emotions, emotions are fueled by thoughts. Thoughts are a form of energy. There's a tiny hollow gap between the neurons which is filled by thoughts by providing connection like an electric current.

Thoughts are a form of energy!

Thoughts are very powerful! They play a critical role in maintaining the vital functions of the body.

If you are stressed & worried for longer periods, you develop ulcers or and wide variety of disorders like heart palpitations so on.

Healthy thoughts like love, gratitude add healthy; unhealthy thoughts like grudge, anger add sickness.

Depression is like a computer program designed by you to repeat itself every now and then. It's the program of sadness and tendency to feel sorry for yourself, host pity parties with your loved ones, therapists and doctors. Depression have trigger points like meeting certain people or weather or exposure to certain things or your own thoughts or thinking sometimes. One thing to be noted is a depressed person won't be feeling sad with the same intensity, as reported, they have brief moments of happiness in between depressed states.

These trigger points produce the same emotions of sadness repetitively by activating the same neural pathways. It produces the same effect of first-time experience of extreme sadness. Through trigger points, the frequency of sadness increases, and it becomes a strong neural highway. Now it's more or less like an algorithm which runs periodically or repeatedly whenever there are inputs. This we call it as a 'neural loop.'

There are two ways to break Neural Loop- Direct & Indirect.

Neural Pathways are basically created by subconscious tagging to each feeling or activity as either pain or pleasure. Since you have a feeling or notion that getting depressed as a pleasurable activity, you have tendencies to enter or create that state of mind repeatedly. The word 'Melancholic Ecstasy' indicates this.

The solution is to tag pain or understand that it's extremely painful to get depressed. Explain yourself that how painful it's to have those down-movements. How embarrassing it's to feel helplessness. Understand that getting depressed affects your immunity and the physical health, ultimately. It's frustrating to suffer, don't you see that. On the contrary, it's so joyous to be busy in your work, to talk to someone or help someone. It's so peaceful to be healthy & happy. This technique is called Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC).

The other solution is to break the loop is indirect method, how you can break the loop is by developing a new routine (moderately busy initially & sequentially increasing the busyness,). Furthermore, you have to avoid certain places or persons who activate the same neural highway. You need to replace the neural highway with new routine, habits. New empowering routine and habits can lift you out of the sh*t hole call 'Depression.' This is applicable to even Anxiety Neurosis or PTSD.

You have a choice to choose happiness or depression, misery or abundance.

Thoughts that run through your day are programmed ones by the creation of numerous neural pathways. They are programmed by your parents or guardians, your friends, surroundings and you yourself by thinking in different ways or unique ways on certain occasions. If others can change your thoughts or behavior, then you can change it by yourself by being aware and modify your mood or even your physiology.

Always remember! You are absolutely under your own control, you have absolute control to choose your thoughts, program your mind. In our previous post, we explained about subconscious mind programming, you can learn to tackle depression by programming your subconscious mind. Please take a look at it.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. - Jim Rohn

To maintain all types of health - mental, physical and spiritual, it's extremely important to be active all day. Ancient Japanese technique - Ikigai; it's first commandment to lead a healthy, happy life is to be active all day long.

To be healthy, it's extremely important to be active both mentally and physically.

In support of this, there's a saying- "Idle man's mind is a devil's workshop."

You will be happy, healthy & peaceful if you don't have time to think about whether you are happy, healthy or anything. You should understand that your thoughts affect both mental and physical health. Happy & Enthusiastic thoughts produce endorphins which for pain tolerance, stress bearing ability. They are released during exercises, sexual intercourse and any adventure activities. So Hormonal imbalance or pain or stress bearing ability can be tackled by choosing to be happy. Each negative thought is like a virus, it is capable enough to disrupt the proper functioning of mind & body.

Sad thoughts produce illness; happy thoughts produce health.

It's natural for any human to have some or the other challenge or work or issue to be solved. This is the business of all humans. Instead of creating problems like depression, anxiety it's better to work on actual problems of the world and add value to the world. Stay busy! Be active! Choose your thoughts! Have a vision! Solve problems! Be successful!!

Remember, motivation is not the cause of action but a by-product of action.

You can't be motivated all time to do the work. But it's the commitment and most importantly, the necessity to work, makes anyone work on something. Once you start the work, if you observe you derive pleasure from it, there's a sense of accomplishment and a boost of self-esteem, after the accomplishment or at the end of the work or the project.

Hope this inspires you!!



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