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Subconscious Mind, Self-Image & Social Image.

Your each word even its expressed or uttered by chance represents an emotion, hidden beneath the subconscious mind. Your patterns of thinking, beliefs, personality represents your self-image, which resides in subconscious. Subconscious Mind is the secret recorder of all of the of thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs, and personality traits.

Self-image is nothing but the perception of you by yourself. People having good self-image have higher self-esteem & self-confidence, they have better resilience to emotional shocks.

People will be observing you all time, you notice it or not, they observe & judge! How people perceive you in a society is called Social Image. Social image is critical to survive in a societal setup. Celebrities in particular, invest heavily in PR teams. PR teams decide, promote, mold the celebrity public image.

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