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Perspective, Thoughts, Beliefs, Subconscious Reasoning, Cosmic Energy and Karma.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

We see people feeling sad for themselves for quite a long time. They are just busy hosting the pity party with whoever they meet, if you ask them anytime - 'How are you?' They'll answer, 'Just Alive'. They are so self-obsessed that they think only about themselves. Anytime you talk with them, they'll be just hoovering around either their past or their future.

Winners never whine, whiners never win!

You can find these people near offices. It's very easy to spot them - just by looking at their body posture and their walking style, you can figure it! These are people who give expressions resembling 'The sky has fallen!' Their body language speaks it all!

Unsuccessful men will be dragging their legs and their body almost bent towards the ground, because their backs are heavy carrying the weight of past and future!

Most of times, they are sick! Sometimes extreme & sometimes mild sickness, but something or the other illness will be there! On weekdays they wait for the weekend to come. On weekends, they are sad about weekdays. They rarely take initiatives and are just bored with life.

These people are trapped in the PRISONS of PAST, every now & then, they get transferred to another prison called FUTURE. In their recesses, all they do is just whine! If there's any strong negative event, they moan. These people hold a post doctorate degree in blaming and finding reasons to blame or maybe how best to blame something or someone. They are possessed by the belief that they have become like this because of something or someone! They never take accountability for their own actions, instead they blame the govt, parents and something or someone. They overreact to everything and are expert in playing victim card.

Also, we find people who are dead opposite! People who are joyous, enthusiastic and filled with bliss! They have a zeal for life! They are the ones who walk enthusiastically, filled with self confidence and self-esteem.

These are the people who occupy senior most positions in a company or who have the prospects of occupying such positions. These people know the art of accepting the life, as it's. These people possess enormous knowledge in multiple disciplines and are extremely skilled. They don't have the time to think about 'How do I feel?' or sometimes to care about trivial things. They are obsessed with their priorities, and their minds often filled with deep thoughts about intellectual topics.

Such people are excellent in problem solving. They are free thinkers - they embrace and enjoy each moment of life! They maximize the 'now' moment and celebrate!

Great leaders know the art & science of living in the moment & maximizing the moment.

They never let the past to ruin the present moment, unto ruining their beautiful future. In their recesses, they are generally involved with creative thinking, or they mindfully relax themselves. These people take extreme accountability for their actions, they are creatively involved with solving problems (not only their problems but also of others.) They are conscious of their thoughts, by chance if they get any negative or destructive thought, they discard it & replace it with positive or constructive or healthy thoughts. They choose their perspective carefully, so they choose their beliefs wisely. They have realized that blaming or rationalizing anything that's beyond their control is a waste of time & energy.

Successful men are actively involved with controlling what's controllable, they accept what's inevitable and live with it, make peace with it. This conserves their energy to focus on improvement.

Also, they are expert time & priority managers! They are honest and sincere with they do. For them, excellence is not a onetime effort, but it's their habit, they breathe it!

How we develop or form beliefs?

Basically, it's your choice of perspective that decides your perception of anything, then the choice of magnification of one or more aspects. Your rational mind asks for proof, subconsciously you will be involved with finding proofs to prove that this or that this particular notion is true, then you let it become a part of your belief system or create beliefs or you believe it, subconsciously. Subconscious Mind doesn't provide proofs based on logic or scientific phenomenon; it just randomly picks some obscure facts, based on your intuition and instincts. That's how you form myths or illogical beliefs. The reasoning that's not based on any rationale or scientific phenomenon called SUBCONSCIOUS REASONING. This is purely illogical and unscientific.

Ex - You are very anxious about your semester exam. You chose to wear red shirt in a haste, you did well in the exam. Suddenly, a thought came in your mind - "I wrote well in the exam, because of the red shirt!". From then that became your lucky shirt, you started wearing it for every critical event of your like exams, interviews, dates so on. One fine day, that red shirt got torn, you have an interview that day! So, you can't wear that T-shirt, you are worried! You are anxious about interview! You don't know what to do! Because of this, you wasted a lot of time & energy, you failed in the interview, because of lack of focus and improper preparation. On the contrary, the minute you started to think that this shirt is lucky, you could have reasoned that - 'It's not because of the shirt, not because of luck or any fluke; but because of hard work and continual preparation I did well in the exam.'

This problem of developing myths is very common among athletes - Sachin Tendulkar believes in 'lucky' jersey. Even a movie came on this theme of lucky bat - 'Chain Khuli Ki Mein Khuli.'

It's the responsibility of your conscious mind to filter off such irrational thoughts, not letting them be a part of your beliefs. Beliefs can be classified into two types - Logical & Illogical beliefs. You must understand that any myth or illogical beliefs can be detrimental to success or create obstructions to your progress.

"Be aware of your thoughts, awareness is light!"

A Life Hack to reengineer & redesign your belief systems -

As Belief is the foundation of life, what you believe in shapes your destiny!

Let's perform a task now -

Take a pen & a paper (you can use your digital notes) list down all the beliefs you think are illogical, not supportive to success or detrimental to success. Now ask the question, why do you have these beliefs? Or what made you believe? Or the root cause of the belief. Recall the steps given in the section - How we develop or form beliefs? Try answering the question, reason it. Replace the illogical belief with a sound constructive rational belief. You can do this exercise regularly, to check for any irrational beliefs. This way you can redesign and reengineer the entire belief system. This ensures success!

Your beliefs are going to be a part of your subjective reality, which include your personality (type). Your subjective reality tremendously influences your objective reality & destiny.

Reality is not a delusion, those who say are actually in delusion. If reality is a delusion, then your work or anything you do, receive or act is all nothing but a delusion, which is practically impractical to live that way.

Time is not an illusion but is subjective to the geographical location or the planet under consideration. As per IST it's 1.05 p.m., it'll be different for GMT. If it's an illusion, then geologists wouldn't have had to work so hard to find the time difference between different locations. So, if anybody who says time, or the universe is an illusion; ask them immediately what's the time now? They'll tell the time, then you counter them it's an illusion; then why do you look at your watch.

Your thoughts affect your health & overall well-being. In the book - Wake up! You are Alive! The Miracle of Positive Thinking by Dr. Alexander Fox & Dr. Barry Fox.

"Your MIND & BODY are the two faces of the same coin, which makes up the SPIRIT."
You understand anything through thinking or in the form of thoughts. Deeper your thinking, better will be the understanding.

Thoughts are a form of energy, please read this post - to get better idea on Cosmic Energy aka Kundalini. Thoughts are one of the forms of Karma, you must understand that every Karma has a result or a repercussion.

Don't forget you have a choice to choose your perspective, thoughts, beliefs & ultimately life.

There are three types of thoughts - Constructive(positive), Neutral (no charge) & Destructive(negative) thoughts.

Constructive thoughts add value to your life. This includes thoughts of motivation, inspiration, thoughts of love, ideas about a bringing a radical change to your project, work or assignments. It can be creative thoughts about your unpublished books or how to propose to your crush or anything that adds value or molds your personality. This can also include knowledge or wisdom. Thoughts on Lord, thoughts on spiritual or philosophical concepts, are considered positive or Sattvic Karmas, as per Bhagavad-Gita.

Any thought that adds value to your life or assists in spiritual awakening is considered a constructive or Sattvic thought.

Neutral thoughts are random subconscious thoughts that keep running in your mind. Neutral thoughts don't add any value to your life; but they drain the energy. Why? You should know that the word neutral is used because they aren't positive or negative energy infused; but definitely they cost you some positive energy. As the saying goes 'everything comes for a price, there's nothing free in this world.' That's why you feel tired at night naturally, you feel sleepy; although you haven't done much intellectual or physical work, you have just watched TV for the whole day. You need to understand even if you decide not to work on anything, still you do some useless, unproductive work. Practically it's impossible to sit quiet (without any physical activity), still you will be either doing some intellectual or a emotional activity of reminiscing some memories. In Bhagavad-Gita, 'not doing any activity' state is called 'Karma-Sannyasa.' Karma Sannyasa is practically impractical! Not doing any productive activity are called Rajasic Karmas (Bhagavad-Gita).

Any random thought which doesn't add value to life, but drains of energy is called Neutral thought or Rajasic.

Destructive thoughts deprive energy or depreciate the value of your life. Think of a destructive or a negative thought as VIRUS. If one single powerful COVID-19 virus can damage the whole system of a human, so is a single powerful negative thought. If you magnify the thought & let that to control you or you act on it, without evaluating through of conscience & consciousness, it can destroy yours as well as others life.

Ex.- You are angry with your husband's behavior; you feel like killing him when he berates you or abuses you physically or psychologically. You magnify this thought of killing your husband, you decide and take action by stabbing him or you shoot him in the point blank. Now, you are charged with 1st degree murder. Because of the charges against you, your employer fires you. If you are convicted, you should spend your life in a federal penitentiary. This is how most people destroy their own lives, in a haste.

Any thought that depreciates your value or life, that's creates obstruction to the spiritual awakening process is considered Tamasic thoughts.
Negative thoughts decrease vibrations, decreased vibes affect aura, weak aura affects health & immunity power.

You need to understand there's nothing wrong in getting thoughts of killing or suicide or executing a crime; problem lies in magnifying that particular thought and intention and acting upon it, ultimately. So, you may ask didn't I incur Karma for this? The straight answer is YES. But you have incurred less Karma and can be instantly nullified through mindfulness meditation and seeking forgiveness with Lord. The deeper explanations on Karmic energy are explained in the post 'DIVINE LAW of KARMA' the link is shared below -

To summarize, ultimately whether you accept it or not, believe it or not, you have a choice to be successful or unsuccessful. You have a choice to choose thoughts, develop, modify & reengineer your belief systems. If you are still unsuccessful, sad or depressed, it's because of the choices you have made in the past. You can shape your destiny by acting now! Take control! Shape your destiny!

Hope this inspires you!

Thank you so much!


On behalf of Get Inspired Spiritually

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