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Get BROKEN or Get THROUGH! | #broken #get #through.

"You have a choice to either GET BROKEN or GET THROUGH HORRIFYING experiences."   - YaDu

Choice is something that's existent at each moment of your life! It plays a pivotal role during times of crisis coupled with horrifying experiences. Whether you accept it or not, believe it or not, agree or not, choice is an inherent part of life. The choice or decisions, you make in times of crisis play a pivotal role in shaping your destiny. 

"It's in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." -Tony Robbins 

In times of crisis, there's no use in blaming or rationalizing the past or situation. There's no use in feeling sad or hosting pity parties. The sooner you accept the situation, the better it's for you!

Spot the opportunity and take advantage of the adversity! Learn the lesson! Take action! Shape your destiny! Go for glory!

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