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Aspire to Make Difference!! #mediocrity #wealth #richmindset

Most are trapped by MEDIOCRITY & COMPLACENCY. They lead a normal or the life of mediocrity. Life can't just be about solving personal problems; you need to have a bigger vision that excites you and solves the problems of the world.

Don't aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference - Denzel Washington

Understand that,

There's neither NOBILITY nor DIVINITY in POVERTY!!

99% of the life problems are solved by money. Money can't alleviate loneliness; you may have all the money but still be alone. But money can provide opportunity to get rid of loneliness. How? Having more money can enable you to travel & meet new people.

The challenge is not just about having money or earning more, but it's about managing that earnt money.

It's lack of money management skills, that's the root of poverty.

Many people think wealth is present in the physical possessions or in ancestral properties. Wealth is in your mindset! Wealth is present in a curious, enthusiastic, courageous and industrial mindset.

For a wealthy mind, complacency is considered as a crime!

We have written in detail on this in a post named - The Psychology & Genetics of Mediocrity. We request you to read that to learn more about this.

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