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This is Hamsa Ksheera Nyaya.

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes a person love you? Despite so many clashes or misunderstandings, some relationships don't have ends, no matter how much ever you try to end, it just won't end. Why?

Our parents love us because of one aspect; 'we are their children' OR we love them because 'they are our parents; they gave us birth'. So is true with your brothers or sisters and even with your partner, wife, GF or BF.

Hamsa means swan(bird), Ksheera means milk, Nyaya means law. If you give milk mixed with water to a swan while drinking, it separates the water from milk, drinks only the milk.

In Vedas, this has been described as 'Deva Swabhavaha' or divine nature. Lord and demi-gods only at the divinity within us. most of times. They just ignore our sins or the evil within, most of times. Once we are dead or renounce this physical body, only then all the reckoning and reconciliation of all our karmas happen.

There's a reference in RIG VEDA, it says -

"Your ability to look, perceive and magnify the good in anything and also receive it, is called 'Hamsa Ksheera Nyaya'

Very recently, I was watching Elon Musk's interview. He was explaining the situation of Tesla in 2008. Tesla was at the verge of bankruptcy. Elon says that Tesla could survive for about only 7 or 8 days. Then interviewer asked; 'How did you focus on work, despite knowing that Tesla could survive only for 2 or 3 days.'

Elon says, 'very less energy was spent on it.' He further says that he had a given a 10% probability of success to both Tesla and SpaceX. That's why Elon quoted:

"If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it."

Pic credits- Wikipedia

As per psychology as well, it's the ability to focus and magnify one favorite aspect or favorable aspect or even aspects that actually keep relationship moving forward.

If you look at any legendary successful person best example Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, they have failed for tons of times. Despite, all pain, sufferings and humiliation, despite getting rejected so many times, still they persisted or persevered and eventually they became ultra-successful.

While experiencing so much of pain and struggles, their mind focused on that one favorable factor, on that one ray of hope, their minds magnified it. They kept on working by having a paramount faith on their idea or dream. Despite harsh conditions, still they chose to focus on their work and the bright future, which they believed it's always 'around the corner.'

They ignored the naysayers, they refused to dwell any aspect that didn't support their dream. They gave their blood sweat, tears, and what not, still they were happy and peaceful with their work. They continued their work, they became legends. OPTIMISM COUPLED WITH PRAGMATISM, most importantly, it's their CONVICTION to do something GREAT and BIG that actually gave them SUCCESS.

Intuitively, they relentlessly followed their PASSION, their LOVE OF LIFE, counter intuitively, is they NEVER GAVE UP! Despite of all those obstacles, they refused to surrender to the challenges and hardships thrown at them.

So you have choice to either look at their negatives or positives of any situation or person or anything. Also, it's up to us to magnify positives or negatives, to keep going or stop.

My grandpa was such an adorable person, each and every person used to adore him in our locality and everywhere. When he expired many people expressed condolences for his demise. In fact, people we never knew, or he had almost forgot also expressed condolences. So, what was his secret of being adorable everywhere?

The answer is simple; he saw only their positives, he magnified them, he was hearty in approbation and was lavish in praise.

People may forget you what you have or had done to them as a favor, but they never forget how you treated them!!

I can say with most certainty that no person would feel unhappy or enraged when you give honest appreciation. Even animals feel happy and grateful if you give love and pat on their backs! Then we humans, basically we are emotional creatures feel energetic and enthusiastic if our work is recognized and if we receive love and appreciation.

You need to have paramount faith in yourself and almighty, coupled with rock solid conviction and hard work in the right direction. SUCCESS will be definitely yours.

So is true with your loved ones, friends and peers. Instead of blaming or criticizing them, we need to understand their issues, look at their positives and magnify them.

Let's be hearty in approbation and lavish in praise, then definitely PEACE and SUCCESS will always be yours.

Hope this inspires you!

Thank you!


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