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If you’re born with a disadvantage……

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

“If you’re born with a disadvantage, it isn’t your fault. But, if you die with it, it’s your fault.”

-Hitesh Ramchandani, Author & Global motivational speaker, National Football Para-Athlete, Singapore.

Life’s imperfect & it isn’t fair. Often, these words are told by wise men. In the same way, none of us are born perfect & stay perfect throughout our lives. In fact, every human has a quite a lot of disadvantages. Some are born short, tall, fat & some with rare diseases. Whatever, might be the case we’ve some or the other disadvantage, and also advantages. No person is devoid of it. It’s human nature. Like how, 5 fingers aren’t equal so we’re.

It doesn’t matter how many disadvantages you’ve, what matters is how you manage it & how well you respond to it. The biggest disability in life is a bad attitude. This is supported by Thomas Carlyle’s quote-

“Attitude is more important than facts in life.”