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You are born neither to be successful not a failure! #karmas #success #failure #embrace #life

We have huge polarizing judgements by the society on you & your life. They tag you either as a failure or successful. Ultimately, they are not ready to hear your explanation, they term it as 'excuses'. You have heard songs with narratives like - 'Born to be a success or a legend.' This is drama! But life isn't a drama! Drama exists in the form of emotions, attachments and judgements in the minds of people. What people think about you is not the reality.

From a bigger perspective, you are not born to be neither successful nor to be a failure. Understand these are all in your mind, most importantly in your perspective & perceptions. Success or failures are vague concepts, with no definiteness. It's highly subjective and based on comparison. The society keeps comparing & keep adding tags of 'success' or 'failure' on you.

Spiritually speaking, you are a soul, born on this planet to enjoy your good karmas or suffer for your bad karmas and to get rid of all the karmic debts with different persons, land, organizations. You are born here to learn lessons from your mistakes, not repeating the same mistakes will redeem you from karmas. Keep updating your database with new lessons and learnings.

Never let the same snake to bite you again! Never let the same problems to bother you again! Never ever commit the same mistake again!

You are born here to accept, embrace everything & everyone including you as they are or as you are! Most think of becoming, but the game is about doing, most importantly it's about giving! What you give, so what is given back to you by God. You don't have to become or give anything to impress others, instead you need to try to impress yourself & God!

Remember, happiness is a choice! Stop giving importance to what people think about you! You need to choose happiness always! That's the highest level of success!!

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