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Unleashing the Power Within: How to Become a Disciplined, Dangerous, and Peaceful Monster | #psychology #human #behaviour #evil #divine

Updated: Apr 30

People advise us to be harmless, like rabbits. A rabbit is an animal that eats its own shit. Instead of being harmless, evil, and stupid, becoming disciplined, righteous, peaceful, and dangerous is the only alternative. You know how to hurt, but you abstain from hurting anyone with no reason. Weak people can be evil; once they become powerful, their evil behavior gets conjured up. 

Let's honestly accept that evil resides in everyone. The quantum of evil differs from one person to another.


There was a psychological experiment conducted where a bunch of people, who were considered to be harmless, were made to live inside a room with a woman. They can do anything they want with that woman, and there won't be any charges against them. The woman was tied to a pole; she was made defenseless. These men, throughout their lives, had never abused or physically attacked anyone. They were considered to be law-abiding, righteous, and peaceful; some were happily married. 

The situation was normal for some time. Then suddenly, those men (remembering that there won't be any legal charges or persecution for their crimes) started to harm the woman. Some broke her teeth, and some removed her nails. They did all types of physical harm to her. Then the violence turned out to be sexual. They started to gang-rape the women. Observers were shocked to see the changed behavior in men.


Human behavior is fundamentally unpredictable. It is impossible to completely understand another individual, as people behave differently around various people and in different situations.

It is observed that humans are less likely to break laws when they are being monitored. For instance, the installation of CCTV cameras at every traffic signal in the city led to a significant decrease in traffic violations.

Human behavior emerges or fully develops only under the right circumstances and conditions. It's often said that you never truly know yourself until you've achieved everything, for it is in having everything that you may realize your true potential.

"You are truly righteous; when you can do all harm crimes, you still don't do them! You abide by your moral code of conduct!"

A man's character can be judged by his actions when he has everything. A woman's character can be discerned by how she acts when her partner has nothing.

Nobility cannot arise without power. It requires discipline, the potential for danger, yet a peaceful disposition. This principle is central to martial arts. All martial arts are designed primarily for self-defense, encouraging practitioners to protect themselves, not to initiate violence or aggression. While offense may be considered a strong defense. Understanding monstrosity is not wrong; true greatness lies in choosing not to display it, despite being capable of it.

Being honest, truthful, positive, and righteous seems effortless when life is smooth, with a stable income and bills paid. However, the real test of character is whether one maintains these virtues during tough times. Can one stay honest, positive, truthful, and righteous amidst suffering and pain? Not everyone remains same after the pain and suffering.

Sanatana Dharma elegantly categorizes the essence of spirits into three types, commonly referred to as Triguna: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. People of noble and divine disposition are considered sattvic, those of average qualities are deemed rajasic, and individuals with malevolent traits are labeled tamasic.

In conclusion, understanding oneself, evaluating one's character, or gauging one's potential requires enduring hardship and setbacks. Despite the pain and struggles, the question remains: will you be steadfast, virtuous, and honest? Will you adhere to your principles consistently? If you do, it will realize your potential and forge your destiny.

Genuinely good individuals will remain so regardless of the situation or circumstances, just as it is with those of mediocre or malevolent nature.

Hope this inspires you!

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