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Life Hacks for Making Better Decisions and Shaping Your Destiny. | #lifehacks #destiny #better #decisions

Updated: May 9

"It's in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." - Tony Robbins, Awaken the giant within you.

If decisions are going to shape our destiny, then we need to develop better decision-making ability. These life hacks will assist you in making decisions, as taught in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & ReBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) lessons.


People think that only companies perform periodic SWOT analysis. However, you can perform this analysis You can do SWOT analysis once in a while, whenever you are going to take any important decisions in your life.

The power of SWOT analysis lies in objectivity! If you are able to objectively analyze your STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS, this will enable BETTER DECISION MAKING. If you are biased, prejudiced and distort the facts about you, then there's no point in doing this analysis. Isolate your emotions, attachments towards yourself, while analyzing yourself. Then you will be able to see yourself as you are. This improves self-awareness, promotes self-analysis and assists in better decision making.

STRENGTH: This includes your values, skills, education, experience, persons, assets or anything that has the potential to make you withstand the horrors of life, enable you to earn you a better & comfortable living.

WEAKNESS: This include any beliefs, thoughts, traumas, illness or disabilities that may oppose your progress or that can be a detriment to your project. Weakness is the opposite of strength. These can become hindrances to your very existence, if they aren't tackled well.

OPPORTUNITY: This is related to your education, skills or STRENGTH. This refers to the implied effects of STRENGTH, that can enable you lead a good life. Ex. You are good in sales; this can offer you the job of a salesman.

THREAT: This is related to WEAKNESS that's not handled well in the past. This includes any pending cases or crimes, committed by you in the past, not known to anybody. This includes any connection to crimes or anti-social activities or anything that permanently damages the prospect of completing the project.

Although, we can't undo the past actions, we can take a note of these aspects and work on them, reduce their ill effects or prepare our project/life in such a way that threats can't hinder our progress.


List down the pros and cons of that particular decision, supported by objective analysis, free of bias, prejudices, emotions and attachments towards yourself or project.

Suppose if you are taking the decision, let's say, you are able to attend a US university for an MBA or an MS. You have to list down the pros & cons of the decision to attend a US university. Think about it!

Pros -

1. There is good value for that degree.

2. You can get good placements, or there are more opportunities to start a startup, or there are more opportunities for R&D and all these things.

3. You can earn good money.

4. You can develop personally as well as professionally.

So, if you list down the pros of that particular, you know, event or decision, which you are about to make, and also the cons, what could be the cons? Think about it.

Cons -

1. It could be, you may have to leave your home, stay away from your family.

2. There may be some difficulties in the college, like bullying, racism etc.

3. Higher education in the US is expensive or in any other Western countries.

Take a note of it and also you can objectively analyze it from your personality viewpoint. Consider your personality - are you a person who can get along very well with others? If not, what sort of people do you need? How well can you deal with loneliness? Are there any conditions or what could be possible problems, in the USA? So, you can think about what and all the personal, family, social or psychological challenges that you may face.

Occurrence of the issues may not be guaranteed. It's better to be aware of all the issues, if they don’t occur, that’s better.

About the decision, objectively think from a third-party point of view (POV), like from your friend's perspective, parents' perspective or your mentor's perspective. Seek advice from parents, learned mentors, friends.

Before making any decision, analyze the situation, by also, considering the macro-economic factors like the state of the economy or unemployment and so on. This is how you stay close to the ground reality!

If you can make decisions based on an analysis that's closest to the ground reality, definitely your life is going to undergo transformation. And the last thing is, try to identify a lot of positive aspects in each and every person or in any event of any sort of thing in your family or any association that you have, and this is differently & definitely going to change your life completely.

“Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.” - Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within You.

Hope this inspires you!

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