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This unleashes your spiritual potential!!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

"What we focus on, magnify creates thoughts(subconscious impressions), our thoughts create perceptions, our perceptions create imaginations, our imaginations creates beliefs, our beliefs influences decisions, our decisions in turn shapes our destiny."

You have been creating impressions on your subconscious mind by what you see, focus, hear, how you perceive things, through meanings we assign to each event of yours as well as the lives around you. You are also creating impressions on subconscious mind by who you hang around with, what you talk with them, and the relationships you make with the world around us. You have been doing this from the day you are born.


Also, you are conditioned to focus on, think, perceive, interpret, believe, decide on the things in certain ways. In the midst of these, you have developed certain unhealthy, unwanted, inhibitions, prejudices, biases and limits within our subconscious mind, by focusing on unwanted, undesirable (to our life), useless. Some are created by the people around you, but you have accepted it, without questioning, without examining it. It's your choice. These are called subconscious mind blockages.

"Everything around is objective, except humans, because we have the power to think."

Harvard university professor of Psychology, Dr Joe Dispenza says that we are never able to change our past self because our subconscious mind programming, this programming has transfused unto our body. Now our body is our unconscious mind. It's because our body simply doesn't let us to forget our past memories, experiences, traumas, beliefs, thinking patterns, we are never able to change/fully change ourselves.

credits- seekwithinyou

Subconscious mind blockages have influences thought process, the way we think influences our beliefs, our beliefs influences our decisions, and our decisions shape our destiny.

I just want to tell you focus on what you want, hang around the people who add value to your lives. Don't hang around with bu*s, if you hang around with them you become one of them. Remove off all myths, question everything, examine everything. Remember, what you believe also influences the way you perceive. So it's both ways. So you need to be conscious of what you believe and what we perceive.

"You are the average of five who you spend most time with."

- Jim Rohn

The actual meaning of subconscious mind is subjective conscious mind. It's not objective, it's subjective. It's subjective to each thought, percept, situation, person etc. As you subject yourself to these unhealthy biases, inhibitions, prejudices etc. You are limiting your thinking to only certain things and ultimately living. You are limiting your performance, activities, thereby you are living a limited life. This is not only affecting your life but also the lives of your dependents. You aren't performing well in jobs, you aren't

making more money, you aren't managing your relationships well. You have unpaid bills, business is at the verge of bankruptcy, your daughter's school fee is unpaid so on.

Despite, you have a big potential to manage all these aspects very well, you are limiting your spiritual potential, you aren't living your dream life. You have accepted your limited existence and have been continuing your misery, which is getting coded into your genes, through subconscious mind. Unfortunately, your children would also inherit this misery.

credits: mindsjournal

Good news is it's subjective conscious mind, you can train it, mould it and modify it as you want. You could also change your genetic impressions and prevent further misery to your children.

'Subconscious mind is our most humble servant if we take control of it. It's a terrible master if we don't.’

So, you have to take control of your subconscious mind to avoid further misery by removing subconscious blockages. You can remove these blocks by being mindful and using thought replacement technique. It's a simple technique, whenever you have a negative thought replace it with the desirable positive thought or thoughts.

Also, we need to remember that we are not the past nor our body has remained same. Yoga Guru Dr Deepak Chopra says;

"Every six months, each and every cell of our body are completely replaced with new cells. Every six months, we are a whole new person."

It's because of our old subconscious mind programming we are never letting our body to unlock the new or full potential.

Also, you need to be conscious on what we focus on, think, perceive, believe and make better decisions.

"You need to unleash the power of your mind, to unleash the power of 'You'. This unleashes your spiritual potential."

For more techniques on how to train our Subconscious mind and other secrets to manifest things, stay tuned!! You can also find us on YouTube. Just type Get Inspired Spiritually on Youtube!!

Hope this inspires you!!


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