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The Truth About Ouija Boards: Are They Safe for Summoning Spirits? | #ouijaboard #spirits #safety #summon

It is often said, though not from personal experience, to discard your Ouija board. It is not a toy. Many individuals inadvertently welcome entities they cannot communicate with and energies they do not understand.

Our research has been extensive, and we have yet to encounter a positive tale involving someone who purchased a board to "bring someone forward." Our studies also delve into the ease of conversing with loved ones, or those who have loved us.

If you wish to communicate with loved ones, we suggest discarding the board. Simply use a photograph of your loved one and speak to them, through telepathy. If you receive an answer before fully forming your question, it's a sign of a connection. For further assistance, consider reaching out to a hypnotherapist or contact our team, as we have extensive experience in this area.

Would you enter Grand Central Station and invite the first individual you encounter to your home? Why would you do such a thing in life? Concentrate on those who have loved you and continue to love you, or direct your attention to a known loving individual, rather than a stranger.

Not every spirit contacted through a Ouija board is your loved one; some malevolent spirits may masquerade as someone you know to exploit you and drain your energy. These entities require a source of energy, and that could be you. Exercise caution!

Learning to release attachments to deceased loved ones is important. They fulfilled their purpose, and you shall too. Remember, one day, you too will be gone and everyone will be gone. We are sorry to be so dramatic , but it's the brutal truth of life. Instead of trying to reminisce about the past, learn to embrace the present and cherish loved ones, who are alive! Stop feeling nostalgic! Be grateful for all blessings!

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