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How to do Face (Psychic) Reading? #psychic #face #reading #ability

'Eyes are the gateway to the soul.' - Herman Melville

Whenever there's a clash between the partners, the partner asks the other to look into his/her eyes & confess the truth or convey the message. The reason is justified in the above quote.

Psychic readers look into the eyes of a person, along with his/her facial gestures & smile to give a reading. Through psychic reading, psychic readers can find the presence of evil entities or demonic possession. The conclusion is given through intuition.

People can do a psychic reading directly looking at a person's face or entering into a deep state of trance. The person has to remember the face, in the deep state of trance, to give an accurate reading. Deep trance readings are more accurate.

Note that this requires continual practice of Meditation, for decades. The accuracy gets affected, if you are biased or carry prejudice in your mind.

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