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Techniques to increase self-awareness(continued)

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Don’t be fooled by a Good mood, either: Bad moods & negative emotions are not the only ones that cause troubles. A good mood can also deceive your thinking & affect decision making. Consider a scenario; Adam just got promoted to a senior position he’s so excited, he happens to visit a nearby mall. In excitement, he purchased everything(wanted, unwanted & all fancy stuff) as a result, his credit card bill was a way too higher than his means. When we’re excited we tend to make impulsive decisions & promises which later causes a sense of despair in us.

So, the next time when you’re excited take a note of it, make sure not to make any important decisions, phone calls & purchases. Also, remember the law of averages(everything will average out with the time.)

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Stop and Ask yourselfWhy you Do the Things you do:Emotions come when they will, not when you will them to. Suddenly, there will be some sort of emotional eruptions beneath your mind in the midst of a conversation, which results in undesirable behavior or gestures. Emotions serve an important purpose; they clue you into things that you will never understand if you don’t take time, & ask yourselfWhy?It’s important to analyze your emotions because normally these kind of emotions recur in repetitive patterns like a computer program. It is really important to be mindful of these situations & their analysis will enhance our self-awareness.

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Visit your values: Visiting values is a very important technique to increase your self-awareness and thereby your Emotional intelligence. When you list down the core values you believe in, it will be easy to adhere to them and modify your behavior accordingly. The importance of values can be explained as follows;

Check Your Attire: Self-awareness is an internal process, but there are a few instances in which the outside holds the clue about what’s going on inside? In the sense, how you feel is reflected on how you look? Your facial expressions, posture, demeanor, clothes & even your hair all say important things about the mood. Most of you have heard about this;

"First appearance is the best appearance."

For ex.- wearing old, torn sweatpants & ratty T-shirts & having disheveled hair everyday, tells the world that you’ve given up, while overdressing for every occasion and never missing your regular haircuts lets people know that you are trying too hard. Surprisingly, if you wear the clothes that are uncomfortable affects your confidence and mood.

Get to know yourself under stress: Times of stress are actually times of development. We suffer from stress in our daily lives. Whenever you are under stress, make sure to understand what caused it. Stress is nothing but an emotion that's similar to excitement. In fact, stress carries same intensity, frequency and vibrations as that of excitement. Interestingly, it's not the stress but the belief and most importantly, our reactions what we hold about the event that causes so much harm to our biological system. I'll make sure to write a post on stress & anxiety management techniques. Thank You!!!!

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