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QUESTION THE IMPOSSIBLE ! | #question #logic #rationale #blind #beliefs #religion

Updated: Jan 30

Men are the most domesticated animals. You are taught to think, believe, behave and act, since kindergarten. Even now at your adulthood, every person you meet or every movie, ad or almost everything is influencing you to change, mold yourself.

What's unfortunate is you are also taught to believe in one God or one messiah or one ideology, since birth. The religion you believe maybe unscientific with no logic, still you blindly believe act as though you have seen God or your messiah. You consider yourself to be a theist. You visit prayer hall every week. In reality, you are an idiot following a herd of idiots, with no idea about where they are heading towards or what they are believing or doing.

"Religion is the opium for the masses." - Karl Marx

The first industrial revolution happened in England, because of King George II disaffiliated his govt and his governance from the Church. Religious scriptures clearly believed that the earth is flat, most religious fools were blindly believing in whatever that's taught. But one wise old man Aristotle proposed with physical evidence that the earth is spherical. Many scientists were killed by religious monarchs, who were considered to be a political threat. These scientists had life threat, they were in extreme discomfort and pressure, still they questioned the orthodoxy notions, continued their work. Everyone believed that a human can't fly, this was proved by Wright brothers.

If you consider any scientific invention or new revolutionary ideology or principle, it all came from the people who rejected the orthodoxy religious claims, they questioned the impossible, they worked very hard, they suffered more in extreme pressure, discomfort and had life threats. Yet they achieved, their contribution to humanity and science or any field is invaluable.

The world majorly consists of two people - believers & non-believers.

Believers are the special type of people, who believe in whatever is taught. You can call them blind believers or blind devotees.

Non-believers are the people, who don't believe in anything. These people are excessively paranoid. They are highly perverted and insecure.

In the end, both are idiots!!

Between belief & disbelief lies the truth.

I agree that belief is the foundation of life, but what you believe in shapes your destiny. Be curious! Question as much as possible! Question for the sake of knowing not for the sake of questioning or with a hidden agenda.

Children are so curious about everything. Awaken the inner child within you! Be joyous! Stay raw!

Have an open, mind, expand your horizon, reject unscientific orthodoxy, question, be a seeker not a believer! Work hard! Leave your legacy!!

Now tell me how you feel about the work we do. We read all your comments, ask questions or give feedback. We expect you to engage in this knowledge sharing work.

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Hope this inspires you!!

Thank you so much!! See you soon!!


On behalf of Get Inspired Spiritually.

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