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Have a mind that's open to everything......

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Have a mind that's open to everything and attached to nothing.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We need to have a mind that's open to new things, concepts, philosophies, ways of doing something, most importantly to new wisdom. Also, we shouldn't be biased, attached or even afraid of giving up on old harmful or useless beliefs, notions, ways of doing things, most importantly biased philosophical concepts.

I agree belief is the very foundation of life, but what you believe in shapes your destiny.

It's extremely important to be closer to the ground reality. If you feed your mind with destructive, non-scientific, biased, prejudiced beliefs, that's what you base your very existence on, your life will be chaotic, this alone can seal the fate. On the contrary, if you feed your mind with constructive, scientific, unbiased, free of prejudice, unambiguous beliefs, certainly you can be sure of having a bright future, creating a better environment for the love of your future generations.

People believe in blind, ill beliefs, lead a life of chaos & destruction. Unfortunately, there are few religions which support & glorify this by imposing certain religious law like 'Blasphemy'.

This concept is emphasized by quite a lot of philosophers like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Buddha, Sri Shankaracharya, Sri Madhwacharya so on.

"Question everything, assume nothing, learn the truth." - Buddha

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One unique feature of Sanatana Dharma is, any theory has to be provided with proof called 'Pramana'. The Pramana has to be in the form of text, stanzas given in Vedas, Upanishaths, Puranas, Brahma-Sutras. Without proof, no philosophy is accepted. This can be seen in the propositions made by all the three Acharyas - Sri Shankara, Sri Ramanujar & Sri Madhwa. In Sriman-Nyaya Sudha, Sri Madhwacharya & Vedas are described as 'Shuddha Pramanaha', in the sense the philosophy advocated by Acharya has provided complete clarity on all the aspects of 'Brahman.'

Although, some of the Vedic scriptures like Kathopanishad says-

'Spirituality is beyond all logic and so is Almighty.'
Spirituality has a logic, which is beyond the human logic. Human logic is limited; Divine Logic is unlimited & beyond the reach of humans.

We need concrete evidence to accept anything this is given by 'Pramanaha' & is further clarified through debates. Now you may ask me, why should the Pramana be supposed to be from the Vedas?

The word Veda is derived from the dhatu - 'Vid', which means 'know' or 'understand'.

It's said that 'Apoureshaaya Vedaaha' means, Vedas are not written or created by anybody, but they have existed since times infinite. Also, it's said - 'Anantha Vai Vedaaha' - means, Vedas are infinite source of knowledge or wisdom. A person's knowledge or cognition can be biased or filled with ambiguity, but Vedas (not created by anyone) is free of ambiguity, bias or prejudice.

'The main intention of providing Veda Pramanaha' is to clear all doubts about the philosophical concepts and to ensure that there aren't any void imaginations.'

Having a mind that's open to new things and not attached to anything doesn't mean you should question what have been taught by your elders about life, rituals and spirituality. But it does mean we need to understand-

'Human minds continue to be biased, prejudiced about something or the other throughout.'

We need to solve our doubts about philosophical concepts or anything. It doesn't mean we should question, condemn all rituals. Try to understand the science behind those rituals, also the rituals are time tested.

We see many individuals who argue about philosophies without even understanding it & most importantly they don't scan it thorough their conscience & consciousness. Without doing any of this, they blindly follow some things, they argue, fight with others.

Personally, I was the worst affected, a decade ago I blindly believed astrology, prophesies which created fear, anxieties in me. It took a hell lot of efforts to change those beliefs and induce scientific acumen within.

I was reborn! When I completely reengineered, redesigned the belief system, this renewed my spirit!

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Laws like blasphemy paralyzes the individual questioning rights of the believer.

We need to be freethinkers, no thought or concept should be too holy to change your beliefs about it, because it's the question of our spiritual awakening. No one else could do this for us, we need to be clear on our 'truths'.

Albert Einstein said-

"Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind."

Anything we believe in must be based on scientific phenomenon. It's very easy to believe in myths. But rectifying them takes a lot of efforts. By that that would have caused max damage to our lives.

Stoics say-

"The world is objective, we make our lives complicated by making biased, subjective assumptions about it."

"Truth is objective, we can only realize it through subjectivity."

Now a days we hear a lot about application of Vedic sciences in various fields like mathematics, technology and so on. It's called Vedic science because it's all based on science, we simply believing in biased, prejudiced notions & half-truths isn't going to solve any problem.

Jesus Christ said-

'Doubts are traitors.'

The main motto of being spiritual is 'To seek truth, not just blindly believing anyone or anybody.

"Religion is following the messenger, Spirituality is following both the message & the messenger."

You can watch videos of Inspire Yourself Spiritually on

Most importantly, being Spiritual encourages scientific thinking.

As we remain as a closed mindset person we start to experience 'Spiritual Stagnation.'

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Every day we need to improve ourselves. Unless we start to think in new better ways, unless we take some actions on our new improved ideas, we remain same. Remaining same is going back.

Roger Federer says-

''Remaining same is going back, when others are working hard & improving every day.''

You may be having the best idea, that doesn't mean it has to be implemented in the same way, there would be many different improved ways of executing things.

Bible says-

"Be ye transformed by renewal of mind."

Credits- The age of enlightenment.

The secret to success lies in self-improvement. And self-improvement can happen only when we analyze ourselves, our actions, thoughts & bring in new ideas or new ways of improving our life.

"Different actions produce different results."

Life coaches like Robin Sharma and others suggest journaling thoughts on everyday basis. When we note down our thoughts, activities of the day, we can think of improving ourselves.

"Journaling on day-to-day basis helps us to prevent repetition of mistakes. This assists in self-improvement."

And finally,

"Don't believe in anything that doesn't comply with your conscience & inner consciousness."

We need to believe in what's truth, and truth always remains objective. Don't believe in biased notions, half-truths.

Thank you!!

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