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Happiness is the step-by-step achievement of ....

Updated: Jan 1

We believe happiness is not much connected to success. Success is temporary, but happiness is eternal. You may succeed today, but tomorrow is uncertain.

We don't know what may be tomorrow's call. We can't rely much on future, because the only time you have is now! Only day you have is now! So what you do now is what really matters.

How success & happiness are connected? Before we move over, let's understand the meaning of Happiness (in a wordly sense); "Happiness is the step by step achievement of predetermined goals." Also, "Happiness is a state of mind, where you don't have to time to think; 'I'm I happy or sad?'

Happiness is internal, when we are happy within & truly follow our passion, hard work becomes a joyful activity. As we joyfully work on anything consistently for longer duration, success follows us like a shadow.

"Success is in the little things, it's that extra hour you dedicate, it's that extra little focus you give, makes a tremendous difference to your life."

Remember, success lies in excellence & excellence comes only from consistent, persistent practice. I found this in my office 👇


"Excellence is your ability to give attention and perform tiny and the most meniscal tasks with great attention and dedication."

There's no replacement to grinding or hard work. Working really hard is what the most successful people do to reach heights. But in what direction you put your efforts is critical. That's what differentiates you and Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. Basically, they know where to put efforts and in what intensity.


Let's also understand the spiritual meaning of 'Happiness':

Spirituality defines happiness as bliss, or eternal happiness. Spiritually speaking:

"Happiness is the state of no thought, no feelings, judgmental tendencies, and devoid of distractions."

Being in a state of no thought, no judgements, itself is happiness. No matter how much you achieve in worldly terms, how much ever money or wealth you gain, there's always a limit to these sorts of happiness. YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! They are highly limited. Such happiness may make you happy for a few moments, hours, days at max. Eventually, they average out & fade away with time.

Credits- Pinterest

"Happiness is when a devotee's mind is filled with Lord's devotion & Lord himself. Blessed are those devotees who's mind is always filled with these two!!

This is not the case with Spiritual bliss. The bliss derived from a divine experience lasts for many days. I want you to compare the pleasure derived by driving your favourite car and meditating for an hour. Personally, I have experienced both, the latter lasted for many days.(solely by Guru's grace.)

"Sensual pleasures last for moments, but bliss from divine experiences last lifetime."

Once you realize your unique spiritual and life purpose, you will be ready to sacrifice anything for that vision. Personally, by the grace of my Gurus I realized these two. I feel every day is worth living as long as I am getting close to that big vision, for those communities who need absolute assistance.

"Once you realize your spiritual & life purpose, the biggest joy is moving towards it every day & the biggest disappointment is staying same. Staying same is moving backwards."

You need to remember that success & happiness is subjective, what's success & happiness to you, may be nothing to somebody else.

How do you know that you are successful?

If you are able to make a positive difference to the people around you, without affecting your health, happiness, relationships and you peace of mind.

"If you feel like you can't just wait to get up to start your work, I bet you are the most successful than any person in the world."

Success requires commitment, it requires sacrifices. You may have to have to be willing to almost sacrifice anything and everything to achieve goals. You may suffer, stumble around feeling helpless, frustrated but it's the courage & commitment to start over again and try something different new to achieve goals and ultimately, your vision is what makes you successful.

Hope success & happiness will all be yours soon!!

Thank you so much!!


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