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Glory of Sri Vyasaraja Mahaprabhu | #saints #vedic #glory #sanatanadharma #bharat

Updated: Feb 6

Arthikalpita kalpoyam prathyarthi gajakesari ।

Vyasathirtha Gurubhoryarth asmad Ishtartha siddhaye ।। 🙏🙏🙏

Sri Vyasaraja Mahaprabhu aka Sri Vyasateertha Swamiji was a great Hindu philosopher, scholar and saint who belonged to the Dvaita school of Vedanta. He was born as Yatiraja in 1447 CE in Bannur, near Mysore. He was adopted by guru Brahmanya Tirtha Swamiji. Vyasaraja swamiji's father was revived from death by the grace of the guru Brahmanya Tirtha. Sri Brahmanya guru asked his parents to handover the infant, so that he will raise him. Way before his birth, Sri Brahmanya Teertha Swamiji knew that the infant (Sri Vyasaraja Swamiji) is a demi-god, so he asked his parents to hand over the infant, as he wanted to make him a great saint. He was ordained as a monk and named Vyasaraja by his guru Sri Brahmanya Tirtha Swamiji at Abbur, near Channapatna, off Mysore road.

Guru Brahmanya Tirtha Swamiji made Sri Vyasaraja Guru study the various systems of philosophy at Kanchi and Mulbagilu, and became an expert in logic (Tarka) and debate (Vaada) at Mulbagal, he was tutored by Sri Sri Padaraja Swamiji aka Sri Laxmi Narayana Teertha Swamiji. Sri Vyasaraja swamiji wrote many works that defended and expounded the Dvaita doctrine, and refuted the views of Advaita, Vishistadvaita, Buddhism and other schools. He was also a poet and composed devotional songs in Kannada. He was the patron saint of the Vijayanagara Empire and the guru of many famous Haridasas like Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa. He also installed many idols of Hanuman across South India. He attained samadhi in 1539 CE at Nava Brindavana, Hampi. Sri Vyasaraja Prabhu is believed to be the 4th avatar of Shanku Karna, son of Lord Chaturmukha Brahma & Lord Shesha Naga. He belongs to 18th class of dieties, to Vishvaksena Gana. He will be the successor to Lord Ganesha (position that controls space). This information about the moola svaroopa (root form) is given by Sri Raghavendra Bhaktagresara Sri Krishnavadhoota ji in his book Sri Raghavendra Tantram.

Lord Shanku-karna was a Brahmin (Pandit) in his 1st incarnation, then he was born as Prahlada Raja, the son of Hiranya Kashyapa. In this incarnation, he was able to witness the Avatar of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha in Satt Yug. In Tretha Yuga, he incarnated as Vibheeshana, the only dharmic Haribhakta younger brother of Ravana. Then he was born as Bahleekaraja, in Dwapara Yug (In the era of Mahabharata). In Kaliyuga, he has incarnated for twice. 1st one being Sri Vyasaraja Gurusarvabhouma Ji & as Sri Raghavendra Teertha Swamiji.

Sri Vyasaraja Gurusarvabhouma Ji followed Bala-brahmacharya and was given Sanyasa Ashrama at a very young age by Sri Brahmanya Teertha Swamiji. Sri Vyasaraja Gurusarvabhouma Ji has written these scriptures -

Sri Vyasaraja’s Granthas

  1. Tatparya Chandrike

  2. Nyayamruta

  3. Tarka Tandavam

  4. Tatvaviveka Mandara manjari

  5. Mayavada Kandana Mandara Manjari

  6. Upadhikandana Mandara Manjari

  7. Prapancha Mithyaatvaanumaanakandana Mandaramanjari

  8. Tattvaviveka Mandara Manjari

  9. Bedhojjeevanam

  10. Srikrishna mangalastakam

  11. Srinivasa Stotram

  12. Prameya Navamaalika

  13. Yantroddaraka Stotra

  14. Sripadaraja Panchamalika Stotra

  15. Brahmanya Tirtha pancharatnamaalika Stotra

  16. Sattarka Vilasa

  17. Vaayustuti punsacharana vidhi

  18. Hanumatsamprokshana vidhi

  19. Vedanta sangraha Khandana

  20. Shivastuti

  21. Bedhasanjeevini

Tatparya Chandrika is an extended simplified commentary for Sriman Nyayasudha. Sriman Nyayasudha is supplemental companion volume to Brahmasutra Bhashya of Sri Acharya Madhwa. Tatparya Chandrika provided the base for simplified version of Sriman Nyayasudha. This was further simplified by Shanku Karna by incarnating as Sri Raghavendra Teertha Swamiji. Sri Raghavendra Swamiji wrote a more simplified version of Sriman Nyayasudha - Tatparya Parimala. Sriman Nyayasudha Tatparya Parimala is studied by many pandits as a proxy to Sriman Nyayasudha.

 Shri Vyasaraja Mahaprabho has bestowed us the core wisdom of Vedas. Sri Vyasaraja Gurusarvabhouma Ji, Sripadaraja Swamiji & Sri Brahmanya Teertha Swamiji are called Munitrayaa: or Tribune of Vedic Wisdom.

It should be an inherent culture to always rever Shri Vyasaraja Mahaprabho in each and every step of our life. It's our ardent and imperative fidelity to serve him. Youngsters of Bharat needs to instigate this . We have to move in this stride to serve our Guruparampara with an intense dedication and devotion. We need to conjure up consciousness, to be free from internal impurities of lust, anger, greed, infatuation, audacity, & envy.

नमो व्यास मुनीन्द्राय भक्ताभीष्ट प्रधायिने |

नमताम् कल्पतरवे भजताम् कामधेनवे|| 🙏🙏🙏

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