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Divine Messages from Bhagavad-Gita -1 #bhagavadgita #divine #messages

सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज | अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुच: || 66||

sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śharaṇaṁ vraja |

ahaṁ tvāṁ sarva-pāpebhyo mokṣhayiṣhyāmi mā śhuchaḥ ||

sarva-dharmān—all varieties of dharmas; parityajya—abandoning; mām—unto me; ekam—only; śharaṇam—take refuge; vraja—take; aham—I; tvām—you; sarva—all; pāpebhyaḥ—from sinful reactions; mokṣhayiṣhyāmi—shall liberate; —do not; śhuchaḥ—fear

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 18, Verse 66

Trans. (Eng) - Abandon all varieties of dharmas and simply surrender unto Me alone. I shall liberate you from all sinful reactions; do not fear.

सब धर्मों के भेद भुलाकर, एक मेरा शरणागत हो जा ।

मैं हर पाप से मुक्ति दूंगा, शोक न कर मेरी भक्ति में खो जा ।।

In life, most of us are struggling in some kind of situation where there is no easy solution. Where win or lose both has some cost to pay and whether you should fight or not, you can't decide. Further, with all your efforts you are not able to come out of it. All the warriors have one "Gandiv". Alike Arjun, their minds are blocked with all the thoughts, worries for loved ones, fear of losing and confusions about what to do.

We all are more or less in the same scenario where we don't know what to do. We are standing on the battlefield but afraid to pick up the 'Gandiv'. We are not able to decide what is right or what is wrong. We tolerate the Duryodhan like situations, but not ready for the fight. Duryodhan like situations will die some day for his own karma, but we die every day out of our fear and not taking the right decision for our problems. We think with all our wisdom, knowledge, past experience but still not able reach to a permanent solution for it. When our knowledge seems like not sufficient, we take suggestions from the professional consultancy by paying for it. But does the problem solves, probably no. Then what is the solution? The answer is in two lines at the top.

To be continued...

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