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Glory of Sri Krishnaavadhootha Mahodaya || #avadhoota #spiritual #sages #madhwa #saints #monk

Updated: Feb 7

Shri Krishnavadhootaru aka Sri Muddu Krishnaacharya (1835-1909)

In the lineage of the greatest devotees of Shri Guru Raghavendra Teertha Swamiji, Shri Krishnavadhootaru (Mahodaya) stands recognized as the disciple of Shri Appannacharyaru and he was a great ascetic, aparokshajnani (the wise man, with spiritual powers & vision), Sanskrit scholar, poet and he had the direct darshan of Shri Guru Rayaru, obtained through tapas. Shri Krishnavadhootaru was born on 1835AD. (Manmatha Naama Samvatsara Maagha Shuddha Saptami), at Narayanadevarakere village of Hospet Taluk, Bellary district. He had lived for about 74-years, during which around 32-years he was in the wrong path, by learning black magic/witchcraft at Kerala. During this period, Shri Appannacharyaru alerted and made him realize about his incarnation in his dream and preached him (gave upadesha) Shri Vyasa-Krishna mantras and ordered him to serve Guru. From that day onwards, Shri Krishnavadhootaru lost interest in all worldly affairs and attractions and did severe penance on Shri Guru Rayaru at a cave near Chakra Teertha of Hampi for about 8-years. Shri Guru Rayaru, who is filled with abundant mercy towards his devotees, appeared in front of Shri Krishnavadhootaru and blessed him with a copper plate and mantrakshata and ordered him to write a book related to "Guru Mantra " of Shri Guru Rayaru. Thus, by the blessings of Shri Guru Rayaru, Shri Krishnavadhootaru becomes aparokshajnani and since Shri Guru Rayaru does not permit him to become a Sanyasi, Shri Krishnavadhootaru leads the life of an Avadhoota. Though Shri Krishnavadhootaru has written more than thirty books, the book " Shri Raghavendra Tantram ", which he wrote as per the order of Shri Guru Rayaru for the welfare of his devotees, gains prominence. This book contains 15-chapters, and the ninth chapter contains 10-stotras of special.

Sri Krishnaavadhootaru is the incarnated for twice on the earth - he incarnated as Nachiketha, who plays an instrumental role in Kathopanishath. Nachiketha, was the son of Maharshi Uddhalaka. Nachiketha appeased Lord Yama and receive wisdom with poornanugraha. Then he incarnated as Sri Muddu Krishnaacharya aka Sri Krishnaavadhootaru

Shri Krishnavadhootaru had pleased Shri Guru Raghavendra Swami ji, by his penance and had his direct darshan and poornanugraha (complete blessings). Sri Raghavendra Swami ji, who himself had the poornanugraha (complete blessings) of Shri Hari Vayu and entered the Brindavan alive, in Mantralaya and is doing several strange Loka Kalyana among his devotees all over the world and thus, Shri Krishnavadhootaru had aparokshajnana & spiritual powers to give boon/curse to anybody. Hence, Shri Hari Gurugalu did several Loka Kalyana to take care of their devotees through Shri Krishnavadhootaru, which exhibited God's supremacy over everything and his miraculous powers.

Thus, Shri Krishnavadhootaru who became the merciful-child of Shri Guru Rayaru, wrote several good useful books, fulfilled the objective of his incarnation, lead a very meaningful & useful life of 74-years, left his body by focussing on Shri Hari who sits in the lotus heart of Shri Guru Rayaru, in yogic way on February 9, 1909 (Magha Bahula Chaturthi) and thus concluded his incarnation. Thus, a great soul which instilled life in several distraught lives, which kindled the ray of the mercy of Guru in the hearts of many, disappeared from worldly sight!

Shri Raghavendra Tantram :

Among all granthas (books) authored by Shri Krishnavadhootaru, " Shri Raghavendra Tantram " is the book which is considered as " Pratyaksha Siddiprada " (one bestows desires) and is very useful to devotees and contains fifteen chapters. It is the experience of several devotees that continuous parayana (reading) and anushtana ( practicing ) of this book helps to get the anugraha (blessings) of Shri Guru Rayaru early.

Let us try to learn about these fifteen chapters briefly.

Chapter-1 : Named as "Purva Peethika ", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about his life-history, as per the advice of Shri Appannacharyaru his becoming of devotee of Shri Guru Rayaru and the great results one will get by the parayana (reading) of this book.

Chapter-2 : Named as "Mantravidhi Varnanam", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains the methodology of chanting the Guru Mantra.

Chapter-3 : Named as "Hrudaya", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about different incarnations of Shri Guru Rayaru and the different births both, he himself and Shri Appannacharyaru took to serve Shri GuruRayaru.

Chapter-4 : Named as "Gurupooja Vidhanam", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about the method of worshipping Shri Guru Rayaru and pleasing him.

Chapter-5 : Named as "Rakshakavacham", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about how to get anugraha as Rakshakavacha and the ways through which it ensures protection.

Chapter-6 : Named as "Bandhamochana Kavacham", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about the worshipping method to get rid of all attachments.

Chapter-7 : Named as "Ashtothara Shatanamamruta Stotram", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about Ashtothara Shatanama Stotra of Shri Guru Rayaru.

Chapter-8 : Named as "Gurumantrarajatmaka Sahasra Nama Stotram", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains sahasranama of Shri Guru Rayaru in the shloka form, from the alphabet " A " till " Ksha ", in an alphabetical fashion.

Chapter-9 : Named as "Guru Dasha Stotra", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru praises Shri Guru Rayaru through, ten famous stotras.

Chapter-10 : Named as "Pradakshinagati", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains about the method of doing circumambulation of ShriGuru Rayaru and earning his anugraha (blessings).

Chapter-11 : Named as "Gatha Stuti", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru praises Shri Guru Rayaru, starting from sanskrit alphabet " a "till alphabet" Ksha ". Even this is quite famous among his devotees.

Chapter-12 : Named as "Runavimochana Stotra", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru prays to Shri Guru Rayaru to clear of all Runas (liabilities).

Chapter-13 : Named as "Paduka Puja Vidhanam", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains ritualistic way of worshipping Shri Guru Rayaru's padukas.

Chapter-14 : As soon as Shri Krishnavadhootaru completed this chapter, Shri Guru Rayaru appeared in his dream and tells him " Those good people who possessed ability to get their bad fortunes destroyed from the root, only will get interested in this book ". Shri Krishnavadhootaru says those who read this book with devotion and do the anushtana (practicing), will surely get Aparokshajnana by the grace of Shri Mukhya Pranadevaru!

Chapter-15 : Named as "Gurustavarajo", in this chapter Shri Krishnavadhootaru explains and praises the grand personality of Shri GuruRayaru, with which he gave Darshan to Shri Krishnavadhootaru in his dream. Shri Krishnavadhootaru assures that however sinful a person may be, if he chants this Stotra, at least, once in a day, without taking into account his misdeeds, like a father, Shri Guru Rayaru will protect you.

Shri Raghavendra Tantram Grantha itself is like a mantra and is like a ray of hope like sanjivini for the devotees of Shri Guru Rayaru to fulfil their desires either in attaining spiritual goal or in clearing of their worldly problems. This is the experienced word of many! Gurudasha Stotra in the ninth chapter which contains ten stotras is quite famous among devotees. The soundtracks of these are available in the market. Those ten Stotras are -

1. Abhayapradana Stotram.

2. Apatpariharana Stotram.

3. Dukhaharana Stotram.

4. Karavalambana Stotram.

5. Samsarodharana Stotram.

6. Hrudrogaharana Stotram.

7. Pratikulaswanukuli Stotram.

8. Santoshaprada Stotram.

9. Daridryamochana Stotram.

10. Gurukaruna Sampadaka Stotram.

By the grace of Sri Hari-Vayu Gurus, Sri Krishna Avadhoota Mahodaya, happens to be my paternal great-great grandfather. 🙏🙏🙏

|| Om Shri Raghavendraaya Namaha ||

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