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Don't Ever be in Auto Pilot & Victim Modes!! #subconscious #victim #mind #bad #events #modes

Auto-pilot mode means subconscious state of mind, where you give subconscious responses to everything. As per the study, you remain in this mode, for 95% of time during the day. Only 5% of time, you are conscious, or you make conscious efforts to change something. Your activities are programmed, you have adjusted to the routine, which comprise of various activities.

However, if anything new requirement or work or challenge arises, you should be ready to adapt, adjust and work on it. Change inherently isn't painful; your resistance to change makes it painful.

Why we resist change is discussed in detail in the post - Why we resist change? This is shared in the link below. We request you to kindly read it.

No one has never won anything, by considering himself to be the victim of circumstances. Whoever has won, has won because of taking extreme accountability & being honest with himself & with others.

Hope this inspires you!!

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