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DEFICIENCY, DIVINITY & DISCRIMINATION make EVERYTHING VALUABLE! #spiritual #value #nature #humanmind

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In this life, Deficiency, Discrimination & Divinity make everything valuable. - YaDu


If you observe the economy, platinum & diamonds are so expensive. It's considered a luxury to own them. They are expensive because they are valuable, why are they valued? It's because they are rare, they are scarcely available. So is true with rare earth metals. That's not the case with other metals like iron or graphite, because they are abundantly available. So is true with the services, an automobile serviceman is paid less but an aircraft engine serviceman is paid very heavily, because his expertise is rare & it's more valued and not everyone can service the aircraft engine. Deficiency makes things or any valued service more valuable!


Discrimination is inherent part of human nature. Since humans form the society, organizations, so on discrimination is inevitable. Whether you like it or not people discriminate based on religion, race, creed, caste but the most evident & dominant discrimination is the discrimination related to wealth & power. Powerful & wealthy individuals are respected almost everywhere. People who hate them pretend that they respect and value them. People don't value poor or a beggar.

Discrimination is evident in human relationships. People who are sweet, cool, beautiful and joyous are given first preference over the others. Beautiful people are naturally noticed. They have an unfair advantage over the others. Companies hire beautiful people, easily. Now, we could see Instagram models have millions of followers. People naturally love beautiful people. Even parents discriminate between children! It's not clearly visible; but you need to observe carefully. Yes, it's subjective!

Equality is the most hypocritical notion fed into our minds! Even God can't establish equality on the earth! God has created everything & everyone, in a unique way!

Because Humans aren't equal, basically, we are unique! It's up to us, whether we are going to do something to this planet & to this society. There's discrimination in the information! Why certain information is so valued by organizations? It's because of the implication of such information. We can write a whole lot on this topic & there's no end.

"A human is valued not because of humanity; because of the value added by him to the society & to the world."

"Discrimination facilitates prioritizing, prioritizing enabled time management, ultimately management of life."

This principles of equality on the earth, are based on Communist principles. Communism is the other name of hypocrisy! Communism propagates. selective equality and it's sheer hypocrisy!

You have worked very hard, built a business empire, all of a sudden, the govt decides that 'All wealth belongs to the citizen, and needs to be distributed equally amongst all.' What will be impact on the mindset of the people? Will the people be willing to work hard & build an empire, just like you?

There's no use of feeling sad that you are discriminated (no use of feeling sad at all for anything or anything). No activist organization or no movement can remove discrimination from human race. Most of these orgs promote sheer hypocrisy.

If someone's fighting against discrimination, 90% of times, there will be some hidden political agenda behind the movement.

Understand -

"Discrimination is an inherent part of the universe; it makes certain things, aspects valuable."

Nature is discriminating! If everyone is rich, then there wouldn't be any value to richness. It's because of there is poverty, that's why richness is valued. It's because there's darkness, the brightness is valued! Lao Tzu in his book - Tao Te Ching, beautifully explains that the universe is made of two mutual complimentary, opposing forces called the divine feminine & the divine masculine or Yin-Yang.

You can become immune to discrimination by becoming more valuable to the world. How can you become more valuable to the world? Simple! By adding more value to the world. It can be in form of a service or a product. Understand, nothing is free in the world; everything comes for a price.

"Wealth gained basically, is the excess of value you have added to the world."

Coming to the DIVINITY part-

Whether you believe it or not, there are certain things that are beyond your reach or beyond your imagination. Even scientists agree with this. There's a force which has designed this universe!

No one knows to be a perfect pessimist or atheist!!

People who say that they are feeling low or life sucks, after some time they start to experience the emotions of love or start to develop 'hope' feelings towards future.

"Human mind inherently, is unstable; extremely powerful!!"

Human senses are extremely feeble, about 99% of the light spectrum is not accessible to human eye. Humans can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20 Hz to 20 kHz. We can't hear or detect the sound beyond this range.

The existence of the divinity is the oldest debates. But the fact is it isn't debatable at all! Divinity is something that needs to be experienced; it's impossible to be prove it logically! Again, logic itself is crippled way to prove something because logic is subjective & limited!

Every one's unique, hope no one's got any second thoughts on this. The way you perceive is completely different from the rest. Your logic is different from other's logic, there may be similarities, but amongst these similarities, there are certain things you agree; others disagree. Your experience is completely different from the rest. Yes, you might have worked in the same company, studied in the same school or class, but when it comes to learning, you are completely different. In fact, differently different!

When your logic & experience is completely different from others, in a similar way, divinity is something that's completely beyond logic but needs to be experienced. Your experience as an atheist or agnostic, is completely different from theists. Each theist will have unique experiences with the divinity, which is completely different from the rest of the believers. One believer may agree on certain notions or thoughts; but he may completely disagree on another set of notions.

Wise will respect the ideological differences in philosophies, accept them, work together for the common good.

This art or way of thinking where you accept the ideological differences in others, is called 'STRATEGIC THINKING' or the person who possesses this mindset is said to have possessing 'STRATEGIC MINDSET.'

Considering all these facts about human senses like eyes, ears & our limited capabilities to understand certain things that are beyond our logic, we can conclude with great level of confidence that there are many things that are beyond our reach, and we can't explain it.

If you keep asking questions like why Earth is spherical? Or why it isn't flat? Or why there's gravitation? Or why water is soluble? You'll never find answers. Even scientists explain gravitation but they can't explain why it's so powerful only on earth. Water is soluble, it's proved. Why it's soluble, that's proved; was there a necessity for the water to be soluble or how does it benefit water is discarded as a vague question.

See! logic after a certain point becomes an annoying way to find truths.

Logic itself isn't enough to get answers to everything or for most of the things.

If humans know everything, then what's the need for scientific research!! As a matter of fact, people who haven't studied advanced sciences blindly believe in whatever is posted on the news media. They don't argue at all! They don't bother to verify the facts of scientific research; but they argue that they are scientific! We are rational beings!

The fact that you don't know much encourages you to learn more and expand your horizon.

Right from revered & veteran scientists like Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, believed in this force called DIVINITY that's beyond the reach of humans. They agree the DIVINITY is responsible for the creation, maintenance or the destruction of this chain of universes (metaverse).

Ancient Vedas are able to explain most of the phenomenon of the universe.

Eshavasyopanishath says:

īśā vāsyamidaṁ sarvaṁ yatkiñca jagatyāṁ jagat |

tena tyaktena bhuñjīthā mā gṛdhaḥ kasyasviddhanam ||

"All this is for habitation by the Lord, whatsoever is individual universe of movement in the universal motion. By that renounced thou should enjoy; lust not after any man's possession."

Everything has the presence of God! God is omnipresent, omnipotent!

Hope this inspires you!!

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