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You are a traveler here, why do you worry......

Updated: May 4, 2023

You are a traveler here, why do you worry so much about impermanent stuffs?? Which anyways you are going to leave it all here.

We are travelers here; we come here and leave everything that's materialistic as we leave this body. I am sorry to be dramatic, but I know it's quite true. Let's accept that you worry unnecessarily about things that are impermanent and mess up your life. Most importantly, you lose the 'moments of life.'

Time is not money, time is life! After all, life is nothing but time given to spend on this planet!

When you start worrying, you also lose energy, peace of mind and health. As there's a very strong connection between our thoughts and health. You can free yourselves from the clutches of emotions by practicing mindful detachment.

Detachment basically refers to having no emotional attachments towards a person, thing or place. Mindfulness is the state of being aware, by being non-judgmental, and non-reactive to situations, persons, events etc.

Mindful detachment is a process where an individual mindfully detaches himself from the person, event or thing which could produce unhealthy effect on one's emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

As per Buddhism, attachment is a form of Ego. Ego is the enemy to all humans.

Attachments make you to have unhealthy expectations which leads to disappointment, which in turn has a profound effect on your spiritual journey. It's advisable to not to get attached to anybody or anything. It makes you a free spirit, and you will be with the flow of life. This produces intense happiness and spiritual bliss. There won't be any resistance to anybody or anything.

Best example: I got to know that I am excessively getting attached to my gf. Being mindful of my emotions towards her enables me to practice mindful detachment and abstain myself from having high expectations from her and give her my unconditional love ❤️. As I start to give more love unconditionally, I receive more love from her.

Friendship or Love is all about giving! Don't expect! Everything resonates back to you!!

Practicing mindful detachment enables us to identify what's permanent and what's not. It avoids emotional traumas and makes your life as simple, blissful as possible.

Hope this inspires you!

Thank you so much!!


On behalf of Get Inspired Spiritually,

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