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The Holy Hour or Brahma Muhurta: the best time to practice Yoga | #holyhour #yoga #brahmamuhurta

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

As per Vedic philosophy & Spirituality '3 AM to 5 AM is also known as holy hours or 'Brahma Muhurta:' Spirituallly awakened people witness all sorts of para normal experiences in this time period. They also witness psychic & divine experiences in this time period, while meditating. The myth that dreams experienced during the early hours become true, links back to Brahma Muhuta:.

There are different arguements presented by different philosophers on the timings. We will be presenting all the POVs, here. 


Brahma muhurtha is the 14th muhurtha kaala/time interval of the night. One muhurtha is equivalent to 48 minutes. Each muhurta/time interval lasts 48 minutes daily, and therefore the Brahma muhurta begins at 03:40 a.m, and ends at 4:28 a.m IST (before sunrise). Another arguement is Brahmi Muhurta: or Brahma Muhurta: is the time 1.5 hours or 1 hour 30 minutes, before the sunrise . Normally in India, sunsire occurs generally aroud 6 a.m. Depending on the season & geography of the place, there will be a few minutes variation to the standard 6 a.m. sunrise schedule.

It is traditionally, the penultimate phase or muhurta that's considered be auspicious and the most appropriate time for all yogic practices, worship or any other religious practice. Spiritual activities performed early in the morning in this time frame, especially have greater effects than in any other part of the day. The practices during this time, have a tremendous influence on the spiritual awakening process.

Considering all the arguements over the time frame for Brahma Muhurta:, we can conclude that Brahma Muhurta: is from 3 a.m to 6 a.m (approximately).

Scientifically, you have max energy during this period. It's the best time to wake up and start your daily meditation, Yoga, Pranayama rituals to experience the spiritual bliss. There will be pin drop silence, even metropolitan cities have the highest level of silence during this time interval. Personally, I have experienced immense bliss during this time, my dillemas got resoled in a deep meditative state.

Your mind remains calm & it's easy to silence the noise, inside your mind, during Brahma Muhurta:. If you seek guidance from your guardian angels or gurus, they will you guide through the way. Your mind will be still like a clear water during this time, without any thoughts, distractions like noise.

Our gurus or guardian angels are sharing messages & giving us the guidance, but we need to a still mind to listen or interact with them or sense their messages exchanged in the form of energy. This pscyhic ability is called TELEPATHY.

'The healthy person should get up (from bed) during brahma muhurta, to protect his life. (Astanga Hrdayam, Vol.I, 2:1)'

Ancient Indians or Sanatanis had the practice of performing yogic practices, during this time. Unfortunately, western lifestyle & timings are imposed on us. We don't have a choice Our calender is setup & our holidays are declared, as per their seasons & timings. We wake up as per out office timings, which is as per our client or on-site office timings. This is so relatable if you are working in a western MNC. We sleep late, we wake up late! This is affecting our health. But we don't have a choice! What we can do is accept and try to perform our health & spiritual rituals, in whatever time that's available to us.

Promise yourself that you take care of all the types of health - mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health!

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