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The Holy Hour: the best time to practice Yoga..

Updated: Mar 17

'3 AM to 5 AM is also known as holy hours. 3.34 am is known as 'Brahmi Muhurtam' in Vedic philosophy & spirituality. People witness all sorts of para normal experiences in this time period. They also witness psychic & divine experiences in this time period while meditating.

Brahma Muhurthaha ( Sanskrit-ब्राह्म मुहूर्त) (time of Brahman, the creator ) is a period (muhurta) which starts at 03:40a.m local time & ends at 4:28 a.m IST (before sunrise). Literally meaning "The Creator's time", it is traditionally the penultimate phase or muhurta of the night and is considered an auspicious time for all practices of yoga and most appropriate for meditation, worship or any other religious practice. Spiritual activities performed early in the morning in this time frame, especially have greater effects than in any other part of the day. BRAHMAMUHURTA OR THE “AMBROSIAL HOURS” Brahma muhurtha is the 14th muhurtha kaala/time interval of the night. One muhurtha is equivalent to 48 minutes. And a whole night consists of 15 muhurthas. Each muhurta/time interval lasts 48 minutes daily, and therefore the Brahma muhurta begins at 03:40 a.m, and ends at 4:28 a.m. Scientifically, you have max energy during this period. It's the best time to wake up and start your daily meditation, Yoga, Pranayama rituals to experience the spiritual bliss.

Credits- Ask Angels

Personally speaking, I have experienced the divine while meditating during this period. At the initial stages of spiritual awakening, you will be made to wake up by your guardian angels during this time. Soon we'll posting signs of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, Stay Tuned!!

If you seek guidance from your guardian angels, they guide through the way. Your mind will be still like a clear water during this time, without any thoughts, distractions like noise during this part of the day. Even in metropolitan cities have the highest silence during this time interval.

'The healthy person should get up (from bed) during brahma muhurta, to protect his life. (Astanga Hrdayam, Vol.I, 2:1)'

Hope this inspires you!!


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