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Maturity is about learning to say 'NO'..

"Maturity is about learning to say 'NO' to things that doesn't support your vision(noble)." - Yadu

Have you ever wondered why only few individuals or corporations are successful? Why do most start-ups fail? 90% or arguably 99% fail? 99% of the wealth in this world are controlled by just 1% arguably 2% of the population. Almost everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to be wealthy, but why only few people actually become what they wanted to become or achieve. Few actually wonder why they are successful and there are many videos and books on this.

Successful people are successful because they are mature both emotionally, spiritually as well as intellectually. The dictionary meaning of mature is having reached stage of full or advanced. Successful people know about their potential, what do they really want in life and most importantly what exactly works for them. They have a big vision; they break that vision into individual stages or missions. They never give up!! Elon Musk in one of his interviews when Space X failed 3 launches of rockets, the interviewer asked him; '3 failures in a row, do you think you need to pack this up?'

Elon replied "Never!" Interviewer "Why not?" Elon replied "I will never give up!! Either I have to be dead or completely incapacitated." This is the level of conviction legends have towards their vision. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich states 'You should be ready to stake your entire future for your goals.' Then only you become a legend!!

As stated in the above quote, they know to prioritize things. Prioritizing things is all about saying 'NO' to unimportant, irrelevant, things or anything or anybody who doesn't support their vision.

"Success demands sacrifices, successful people are successful because they have and are ready to sacrifice anything or sometimes everything they got!" - Yadu

Many people want to be inspired by great things, but they never wanna do the hard work and sacrifice almost everything for their vision. It requires balls to follow your passion and to be able to achieve your vision. Successful people think big and achieve big! They think 'complacence is crime' and achieve big things in life.

Dare to follow your heart! Achieve high! Live freely! Don't live a limited life!!

As a bonus, here's one productivity hack for you! With the passage of time, our lives have become excessively complicated. Each person has multiple tasks to perform, multiple projects to perform, multiple relationships to maintain both personal and professional. It becomes extremely important for us to maintain productivity, efficiency, effectiveness as well as our mental and physical health. To tackle all of these here's productivity hack used by Steve Jobs. If we closely listen to any presentations of Steve, we realize that Steve prefers short, effective and direct to the point approach. , Instead of giving a lengthy speech, Steve in his Harvard Convocation speech starts with 'I'll tell you 3 stories from my life, just 3 stories, that's it, no big deal!'. Even when he was reappointed as the CEO of apple, he just focused on only 3 products; iPhone, iPod and Mac PC. Now here, there's something that's getting repeated continuously here. It's no 3, legends focuses on small things max of up to 3 or 4 things. They give their all to these things, their focus is intense on only these things, they don't overburden themselves by working on too many tasks in a day or taking up too many projects. Even Elon Musk and Warren Buffet apply this rule!

In the same fashion, you need to do 'JUST 3 CRITICAL THINGS' in a day or work on three projects at a time. You don't have to overburden yourself by trying to perform too many tasks, focus on 3 or 4 tasks max, give intense focus, give your all and achieve big! Before you start your day or previous day ask this question; 'what are the 3 critical tasks I need to do today?', sequence these tasks, visualize their order and act accordingly. Hope this inspires you!

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