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Uncovering the Diverse Aspects of Karmas and Karmic Debt

Updated: Apr 23

At each moment of this God's given life, you have a choice to choose DHARMA (righteousness) or ADHARMA (unrighteousness). 

Mind is basically the playground of all divine & evil forces. Demi Gods along with Paramatma Krishna exist in our body and so are Demons. Depending on our Karmas & Karmic debt. they direct our actions - Good or Bad. If you assist Demi-Gods by magnifying the criticality of Dharma, then they will make you perform righteous decisions & actions. Lord has given you the choice to magnify Dharma or Adharmic thoughts and actions. Lord Krishna is also referred to as Prana -

प्रेरणा करोती इति प्राण: ।

Meaning, the Lord is the facilitator of all processes to sustain life, that's why he's called Prana. In Ashtanga Yoga Sutra, Prana is referred to Pranic force or life force. Sri Madhwacharya (An avatar of Prana Vayu:) in his Dwaita philosophy says, Lord Vishnu or Krishna maintains these universes through Prana Vaayu.

As per Purusha Sukta:, Lord created Prana Vayu or Mukhya Prana from his face to maintain universes.

च॒न्द्रमा॒मन॑सोजा॒तः । चक्षोः॒सूर्यो॑ अजायत ।

मुखा॒दिन्द्र॑श्चा॒ग्निश्च॑ । प्रा॒णाद्वा॒युर॑जायत । १४

Lord Vishnu created Chandra or Moon God from his mind or Mana:. Lord created Soorya or Sun God through his eyes. He created Prana Vayu from his face or Mukha. Acharya Madhwa is the avatar of Prana Vayu or Maatarishwa.

Balitha Sukta (a Vedic hymn, dedicated to the glory of Lord Mukhya Prana or Prana Vayu:) states-

यदि मनु: प्रदिवो माध्व आधवे गुहासन्तम मातरिश्वाम मथा यति।

The independence given by the Lord to magnify & choose is commonly referred to as 'Dattha Swatantra' or 'Given Independence'. This independence is present at each moment of this God-given life. One thing very unique about this is, you can't undo what you have done in the previous moment but can only take control of this moment. It's this independence that's responsible for 'Karma Bandhana:' or Karmic Debt.

We misused this 'given independence' in our past lives, we incurred bad karmas or attracted negative energies, as a result, we are suffering in this incarnation. We enjoy because of good karmas or attracting positive energy. We attract positive energy, by properly utilizing the given independence, by redirecting it, towards good things or being righteous, in moments of conflicts.

This ability of Jeeva or Soul is called Aswatantra Kartrutva. Lord remains objective towards everyone & everything, he is the facilitator of all actions, whether it's good (Sattvic), bad (Tamasic) or neutral (Rajasic). These Satt, Rajas & Tamas, known as Trigunaa:, represent 'Prakriti' or nature. Lord is above nature, he's the regulator of nature.

नाहम कर्ता हरी: कर्ता त्वत पूजा कर्म चाखीलम।

तथा अपि मत क्रुता पूजा त्वत् प्रसादधेना नान्यथा।।

I'm not the performer, Lord Hari (Vishnu) is the performer of his pooja or penance, still whatever I have done (using the given independence or prudence), it's only because of his grace & wish, and nothing else.

Choose DHARMA or Righteousness, develop Sattvic Samskaras, pacify Lord Krishna, attain Nirvana or Moksha or Salvation.

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