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OBSTACLES to MANIFESTATION Process || #subconsious #reasoning #obstacles #mind #manifest

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

As 'The Secret' book by Rhonda Byrne got released, people were overwhelmingly spending time, training their minds, to apply the principles of 'The Law of Attraction.' Most people visualized for the whole day and tried to blindly believe that they are going to be rich. But in reality, they remained same or they became poorer.

Training your subconscious mind isn't a replacement to work.

Let me tell you another fact; no matter how much you try to train your mind, if you don't believe in yourself & have an objective point of view (POV) towards life, you would never achieve anything.

Old inhibitions or ways of thinking or doing things are the enemies to self-improvement & ultimately to manifestation process. No matter how much you train your mind, if the affirmations are blocked by old inhibitions, it would never get manifested. It has to be removed first.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't work on your subconscious mind or try to modify your belief systems, but just make sure you do it in an effective way & to work hard, measure success & become successful.

As the saying goes -

"Ideation without execution is delusion."

You might have observed, sometimes what you seek manifests very easily, at the same time it takes years together to accomplish that big thing. Why's all like this??

'Bigger your goals, bigger would be the fear & chances of failure, & bigger should be your efforts. It doesn't come easy you need to persist & make big sacrifices for it.'

Sometimes how much ever you put in effort it doesn't fetch you results. No matter how much you persevere, it doesn't happen, for a while, why?? Aren't your efforts got any value?? No, it has its value.

The reason is there are uncontrollable factors beyond your reach, that could & will influence your results.

As per the stoics & Acharya Madhwa's philosophy,

Life consists of 2 factors -

1. Controllable 2. Uncontrollable

You need to control what's controllable & live with the rest.

"Give us the lord the strength to control what's controllable, live with what's uncontrollable. And the wisdom to recognize the difference. Give us the Lord our daily bread...." - Church Prayer.

Basically, there are 2 realities:

Subjective reality and Objective reality.

Subjective reality is the reality which we have control, objective reality we don't have any control at all. We can say that subjective reality represents controllable factors. Subjective reality includes your perception, focus, thinking, beliefs, subconscious mind training & all that you have control.

Objective reality basically represents uncontrollable factors & the actual reality of life. Some say that there's no such thing called 'Reality' or the reality is one. There are 2 realities.

Before constructing any building, the architect has a blueprint. A blueprint gives you an idea about how that structure would look like after the construction. This is subjective reality.

The actual finished building is the objective reality.

So, if there's no such thing called reality or the reality is one, then can we live in the blueprint? Never!

Universe isn't illusory, but it's dynamic. It's not a static entity. It keeps changing form in every second through time.

Subjective reality profoundly influences the objective reality, but in a gradual manner. By changing our disposition, we can change our life. that's objective reality. In the sense, we will live that dream life or achieve those goals.

So, training your subconscious mind is an attempt to change your subjective reality. But it's not enough. You need to take action by working hard as well as smart to get better marks or as such thing. That's how you can change your subjective reality which changes your objective reality gradually. (Getting better marks)

We should remember no matter how much we think or plan, it's not a replacement for hard work. You need to grind hard to get better marks or achieve anything.

Training subconscious is a supplementary activity and it's not the main activity to achieve goals. It should motivate you to try hard and ultimately, it will fetch what you want. Normally, it will support you to take action, if you train it correctly. We need to train it on the execution part rather than the result part. Results are uncontrollable factors.

"We always think on getting things, seldom we focus on doing things. We need to."

Just remember -

“There's no replacement to hard work. There are no shortcuts to success.”

"Every successful person has the tendency to hide the darker parts of life. Moments of disillusionment, failures, frustrations & many more."

You need to control what's controllable; the rest will be taken care off!!

Excessive focus on training your mind, can make you get attached, overthink & cause anxiety or worrying. Spend more time on working or controlling the things that are controllable; spend less time on thinking or visualization or training your subconscious.

There are 7 things you can control in your life, no matter how good or bad situation you are in:

1. Your perspective towards life.

2. Your perceptions.

3. Your beliefs.

4. Your efforts.

5. Your compassion.

6. Your decisions.

7. Gratitude.

Without hard work even if you train your mind for longer hours or just blindly try to believe, you will remain the same or you are silently degrading yourself. When you are training your subconscious mind without the actual work, your conscience or consciousness will be questioning you 'why will you be successful?' and it constantly seeks proofs. That proof should be given in the form of hard work.

Belief is the foundation of life, agreed. What you believe in & your actions shapes your destiny!
When you believe that you are going to be successful & you support this belief with the necessary action, you become successful!!

Hard work beats talent! Working hard in an impactful manner is the ritual which all successful men do to achieve goals. The path of success isn't an easy path, you encounter all sorts of troubles, monsters who want to eat your dream, before it becomes a reality. You feel frustrated, stressed & disappointed, but beyond all these, there's success!

Most people are just bothered or focused on the result, but they don't love the process of achieving success. The path to success isn't an easy one, there will be many moments that you feel like quitting, but the love & the passionate obsession towards the path, keeps on the track!

When you love the process, you can't or will never give up, why? Suppose if you fail, the love or passionate obsession towards the process makes you to try again, improve and it will lead you the success, ultimately.

You can't face the hardships with mind training, the passionate obsession makes you persevere, amidst all hostility! Amor towards the work, gives you the willpower to keep persisting!!

You don't get what you desire; you get what you deserve!!

For more content on subconscious mind and mind training skills & Nikola Tesla's rule of training subconscious mind, please stay tuned!! Please like, comment, share & subscribe to our site!

Hope this inspires you!!

Thank you so much!!


On behalf of Get Inspired Spiritually.

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