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Mindful is just the state of.....

As said mindful is just the state of awareness, while consciousness is a state of awareness with the knowledge & action of what needs to be done?? What's next? In compliance with a specific philosophy. Ex.- Krishna Consciousness , Shiva Consciousness etc.

Consciousness can be of two types;

1. Cognitive consciousness

2. Spiritual Consciousness

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1. Cognitive consciousness is just being aware of happenings and being able to adapt or respond to those conditions.

2. The very term spiritual consciousness is a very comprehensive term. It can include anything about spirit, universes, etc.

On the personal front, Spiritual Consciousness is the ability to see person, event, place past, future and present by being able to see that relationship with your spirit across incarnations.

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It also includes the specific knowledge about spirit, your spiritual as well as life purpose here, on this planet. This is characterized by a specific psychic abilities like 'Clairvoyance', 'Prophecy.'

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Spiritual Consciousness also include knowledge about energy, frequency, and intensity in relation with person, place, emotions, so on.

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Himalayan masters are considered to be spiritually conscious, they can read, our thoughts. There are several instances where they could communicate to you through telepathy.

Hope this inspires you!!

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