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Being Mindful vs Being Conscious (both Cognitive & Spiritual).

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Mindful is the just the state of being aware; consciousness is the state of awareness with the knowledge & with the ability to respond to certain stimulus.

Mindfulness & consciousness go hand-in-hand most of times. Sometimes this will be in compliance with a specific philosophy. Ex.- Krishna Consciousness, Shiva Consciousness or Christ Consciousness.

Consciousness can be of two types -

1. Cognitive consciousness

2. Spiritual Consciousness

1. Cognitive consciousness is just being aware of happenings, being able to understand, adapt or respond to those conditions. Most psychologists refer to this as 'consciousness' or the 'state of being conscious.' This is concerned with the cognitive abilities of a person, which include using the brain to perform simple to complex tasks like thinking, learning, reading, so on.

We do it so unconsciously, that we don't even know that we are doing a cognitive activity. We remember things on the spot or identity a person on the spot, without any efforts. However, sometimes we have to put some efforts to remember. We remember things quickly, when we are able to enter that conducive state of mind. This is explained in the post on memory, types of memory, and how to improve your memory. The link is provided in the description.

2. The term spiritual consciousness is a very comprehensive term. It can include anything about spirit, universes, etc.

Spiritual Consciousness is the ability to connect to persons, events, places, the past, the future and the present in relationship with your spirit, across incarnations. This can be done by continual practice of meditation and yoga, which enables you to develop certain psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, astral travel, prophecy so on.

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It also includes the specific knowledge about spirit, your spiritual as well as life purpose here, on this planet.

The gift of spiritual consciousness is the ability to understand & explain the secret mechanisms of these chains of universes.

You don't have to read deeply, for certain topics. You feel that you had learnt it somewhere, sometime, all you need to do is just recall & revise. Even with a little effort, you can pick up the skill, quickly. This is true with certain specific knowledge or skills. This is because you had learnt them, in your past incarnations. Amongst such intuitive skills & knowledge, you may find your passion! Pursuing it, can completely bring in a paradigm shift in your life! You will be driven towards it! It's like an internal calling!

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Spiritual Consciousness also include knowledge and the ability to analyze energies of persons, places, emotion. Just by seeing a person or talking to them for a few minutes, you will be able to get some info on their energies, about their past lives, their connection with your past lives & the future.

This is very subjective & there will be some inaccuracies in the analysis. Inaccuracies increase when the person becomes biased, prejudiced & selfish. Accuracy will be very high, when you are in the deep state of trance.

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Himalayan masters are considered to be spiritually conscious, they can read, our thoughts. There are several instances where they could communicate to you through telepathy.

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